Ceasar’s Ice Cream

With more than twenty years of experience, Ceasar’s Ice Cream continues to offer consumers their delicious artisanal ice cream. Its exotic flavors and its characteristic homemade touch provides a unique experience that seeks to reflect the tradition of homemade recipes in all their tropical and latin flavors.

The Challenge

Ceasar’s Ice Cream needed a website that would allow them to reflect the family-owned nature of their brand and connect with their customers. The vision for their new website included an online store, from which users could buy the ice cream of their choice, and a Blog section aimed at providing recipes, tips and curiosities about ice cream in the world. 

The goal behind the redesign, in addition to increasing online sales, was to create a space where visitors could find information about locations carrying their ice creams.

Work Created

Web Design
Web Programming
Customized Workflow



Bringing the Project to Life

In addition to providing a renewed image, we wanted to incorporate new sections on the website that would show the ice cream flavors available and where to buy them. In the initial phase of the project, we used sitemaps and wireframes to define the base structure of the page, as well as its functionalities and the way in which the information would be distributed. 

Our main objective was to refresh the brand image by creating an attractive design and improving the user experience. For this reason, we used attractive calls to action and warm colors that fit well with the style of Ceasars Ice Cream.


Once visitors enter the main page, they can directly access the store or find the nearest location to buy by clicking on the “Where To Buy” button. The Blog section, on the other hand, offers a wide selection of articles with recipes, tips and curious facts about the beginnings of ice cream in the world.


The new website incorporates an online store created with a custom theme for WooCommerce. Customers can purchase the ice creams by selecting from the available options and changing aspects such as size and flavor according to their preferences. The dropdown tab features a description of the ingredients along with nutritional information for the product. 

When confirming the purchase, the system automatically calculates the delivery date, being possible to ship it to almost anywhere in the United States.

Store Locator

One of the most outstanding features of the new website is its store locator. This element simplifies the search and purchase of products, while encouraging local purchases. To bring this component to life, we modified a popular mapping API and included specific filters where visitors can locate local stores and restaurants where the product is available. 

Website multilingüe

Another aspect that we considered when planning the development of the website was to turn it into a multilingual space using WPML. And we did it! In addition to being intuitive and modern, users can choose between English or Spanish to display web page’s information. This, without a doubt, facilitates browsing the store and the rest of the sections.


The redesign of the website for Ceasars Ice Cream inspired us to also renew the image of their ice cream packaging. Using bold colors that represent the tropical flavors and the character of the brand, we brought to life a new packaging design. The result is an attractive and easily identifiable product, an attribute that makes it stand out on the shelves of supermarkets and stores. 

Social Media

A fundamental aspect of any business is to strengthen its presence in social networks. Online and offline promotion not only gives you brand recognition, but also expands the number of potential customers. Thanks to eye-catching content, where colorful images and strong messages stand out, we have created a communication style that highlights the identity of Ceasar’s Ice Cream. 

Mission Accomplished

Seeing a goal completed is one of the best experiences, and we managed to live it at the end of this project! From optimizing the checkout process to rebranding, each step brought us closer to the ultimate goal of giving Ceasar’s Ice Cream more visibility.

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