For nearly two decades BikeGraphix has been designing, manufacturing and marketing amazing motorcycle decals. Their original and striking creations have made them a benchmark of quality within the industry, allowing them to reach all kinds of customers around the world. From professional racing teams to motorcycle enthusiasts, nothing is an impossible challenge when it comes into the hands of the professionals at BikeGraphix!

The Challenge

In order to attract new customers and provide an attractive and innovative image, which was also aligned with market standards, we worked together with BikeGraphix to renew their eCommerce website. The new design had to convey the spirit of the brand and reflect the originality present in each of its creations.

Likewise, we committed to optimizing the different areas that would make up the website, such as the store, the individual product sections and the “My Account,” the space created for customers to view and manage their orders.

Work Created

Web Design
Web Programming
Customized Workflow
Optimized Checkout



Bringing the Project to Life

Starting from the creation of a sitemap, we established the structure of the web page in order to achieve a global vision of each of the sections that would make it up. This allowed us to advance to the next phase, that is, the construction of wireframes with which we were able to define the specific characteristics and functionalities that the new website would have.

The preparation of this architecture led us to the design stage, where we transformed the brand identity by incorporating icons, images and designated banners to facilitate navigation and convey the creative spirit that identifies BikeGraphix.


The main page has a dynamic design in which brand’s colors stand out. From the moment visitors arrive, they get a glimpse of the newly released products and additional services that BikeGraphix offers. The calls to action are present throughout the entire homepage, divided into sections that drive navigation to other areas of the website. 
In addition to creating a section with the best sellers, we incorporated a section of reviews to provide confidence and social validation to potential buyers. Similarly, users can access “How To Videos” to see the available tutorials on how to apply decals on different parts of their motorcycles.


Although redesigning the store was quite a challenge, the results met our expectations! By displaying the “Shop” within a mega-menu, visitors can access to any of the sections specially created for each type of product or service. From pre-designed decals to custom graphics and accessories, the website offers a detailed view of available items. 

The filter list located at the top of the store allows you to filter searches according to popularity, category, rating and price, facilitating navigation to find any product in less time. 

Product Page

Another important change and a big UX challenge that we implemented in the new website was the redesigning of the products. Each product have options to be customized with a wide selection of elements that customers can choose at the time of purchase. Options appear in a accordion panel and may include:  Bike and rider information,  number options,  name options,  color,  air box sponsors, etc. By choosing or filling in these fields, users obtain a design 100% adapted to their tastes or needs.

Wrecking Crew Rider Members

It is a program created to provide support to motorcyclists of all levels and from anywhere. BikeGraphix not only wanted to build a space where customers could get benefits and discounts, but also wanted to bring together its own community of fans. 


Purchase process is a simple step from the BikeGraphix website. Customers are provided with a streamlined form that auto-fills shipping address as data is entered, making the process easier and validated. We have customized every detail of the checkout page to improve conversion avoiding distraction and friction points that may lead to abandonment. As a payment alternative the purchase process is speeded from the cart and choose “Paypal” as the preferred method. 

Mission Accomplished

Commitment and teamwork allowed us to give BikeGraphix the eCommerce website they were looking for. The creation of a modern and intuitive interface, combined with proper located calls to action and a simplified navigation, have improved conversions within the page. Visitors can manage their account, review their order’s history and manage shipments from the “My Account” section, which gives them control over the entire process from when they start the purchase until they obtain the product. The visual improvements and the distribution of the content on the website make it possible for BikeGraphix to offer a better user experience to its clients today. 

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