MaxiClimber is an innovative training platform aimed at meeting the needs of those who exercise at home. MaxiClimber machines combine aerobic and anaerobic training and provide a comprehensive exercise routine that delivers benefits throughout the body. The company’s goal, in addition to providing a healthy fitness guide, is to provide its audience with the freedom to choose how and when to train. 

The Challenge

MaxiClimber not only needed an eCommerce website to offer its complementary products and accessories. It was looking, more than anything, for a space that would allow to share interesting resources such as tips, nutrition guides and exercise videos. All this in order to complement the training based on a healthy lifestyle.

The website redesign was the key to give the brand greater notoriety, attracting new customers and increasing conversions. At Cultura Interactive we are committed to transforming a simple idea into something new and brilliant.

Work Created

Web Design
Web Programming
Responsive Web Design



Bringing the Project to Life

Once website’s functionality was determined through the use of sitemaps, we proceed to build its architecture. Defining the overall structure of the page allowed us to obtain a clear vision of how the information would be distributed and how the navigation between the different categories and sections would work.

The creation of wireframes was decisive to evaluate changes and propose effective solutions in order to provide our client with the best results. In this way, we were able to move towards the design phase to shape the aesthetics and include the most characteristic features of the brand within the website. The colors, icons, images and chosen banners undoubtedly reflect the identity of what MaxiClimber is. 


The main page had to stand up and impact to attract visitors. We included a video with a real life scene showing how the machine performs. From the initial landing page, users have access to information about MaxiClimber products, as well as their benefits and uses. Calls to action are strategically located throughout the homepage to capture customer attention and persuade them to move forward with their purchase or take advantage of the health and fitness tips. 


The best way for increasing digital reputation is to allow customers to check the effectiveness of a product through reviews. For this reason, we include a section that shows the testimonials of satisfied users with their purchase. 


A direct access to the Shop allow users to enter the main products page or browse the accessories i the catalog. Each product is accompanied by sections for reviews, ratings, and specifications as well as an offer of related products.


One of the best parts of transforming the MaxiClimber website was creating a Blog. Any visitor interested in learning more about the benefits and attributes of their line of products can find valuable information by browsing through the different categories and articles. From beginner’s guides to exercise ideas and techniques, the Health & Fitness section has what it takes to provide additional support for the most frequently asked questions.

Purchase and Checkout

With the user interface optimized, we not only achieve a more intuitive and friendly website, but one that responds effectively to the needs of their visitors. Browsing and selecting products are now easier thanks to the integration of a mini-Cart, which allows to quickly view the selected products to add more or Checkout.

The final Checkout page provides auto-complete features as the customer enters their information. Email field heads the final step to allow the system to capture this important information in case of any disruption throughout the process, and it is followed by the shipping address (instead of the billing) to increase rate conversion. These combination of factors helps simplify the buying process. 

Mission Accomplished

The result of the commitment to MaxiClimber can be seen in each section of its website. At Cultura Interactive, we are proud to have offered an eye-catching and modern final product, which also conveys the dynamism of the brand and works to attract new customers. 

Our process of using conversion rate optimization methodologies and improving the user experience was a success in the final product.

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