For over fifteen years, 2HoundsDesign has been manufacturing dog collars, leashes and harnesses. Their commitment and interest in caring for pets has made it possible for them to become the favorite brand of many, providing the protection and comfort that both owners and pets deserve on every walk. 

The challenge

2HoundsDesign was in search of a fresh and modern design to renew the image of its website and turn it into an eCommerce that would allow the acquisition of new customers. In addition to improving the user experience, they needed to optimize specific areas of the website such as the store and the individual sections of each product, so that they were visually attractive and functional for customer purposes.

Work Created

Web Design
Web Programming
Customized Wholesale Ordering
Optimized Checkout



Bringing the project to life

The first stage in the redesign of this website was to define its structure. As is usual in our projects, we use a sitemap to determine the way in which the page and its sections would be constituted. Once the general map was achieved, we advanced to the creation of wireframes, a phase that allowed us to identify the functionality and visual composition that the website would have. 

The choice of colors and design was made taking inspiration from the highlights of 2HoundsDesign to make it fun and, at the same time, understated. 


Our team knew the importance of creating an eye-catching and friendly home page. For this reason, we include certain elements to validate the trajectory and the service offered by the company. From the moment they enter, users can access the store by pressing the “Shop Now” button or explore the categories that show specific items. 

We also integrated a banner with a video, which exposes the operation of its flagship product, and a sample of its Instagram feed to encourage users to join the community.


By redesigning the store, we made it easier for customers to navigate while adding items to the cart. The filter columns and the tab to sort the search results, allow to reach specific products in less time, thus simplifying the choice of characteristics in a collar or harness. 


With detailed descriptions and clear images that zoom in on the slide, we get a perfect product page to show the detail of all the items. Users who want to access the reviews or know the instructions for use, can do so by pressing any of the buttons below.

Additionally, you will find customization options for your purchase by choosing the size of the harness and the complementary product suggested by the system.

2houndsdesign wholesaler orders


Thinking about streamlining the buying process for wholesale customers, we incorporate a custom method where it is possible to choose the same product model combining different characteristics such as size, color, design and quantity in a friendly in-line table. Users can view their items in a list within the product page, which facilitates large purchases.


Payments are easier thanks to the new checkout process that we implement through WooCommerce. The data form is easy to fill out for both first-time and regular customers. In the case of wholesalers, it offers different forms of payment in addition to the classic online one and offers you the most recent offers according to the size of your purchase. 

From their individual account, users have access to their order information at any time. They can also use discount coupons or manage purchase inconveniences if they arise. 


An ideal space to connect with the audience by sharing informative articles. With a simple and friendly format, the 2HoundsDesign Blog manages to capture interest from the first moment, providing valuable material for those who visit it.

Mission Accomplished

The good results are obvious! After a lot of work and planning, we managed to see the goal of renovating another website fulfilled. Our management in the UX / UI design served to streamline each of the processes that are part of online sales. We improve the management of content within eCommerce, we contribute to give 2 HoundsDesign greater notoriety and, ultimately, we create an easy-to-navigate space

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