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How Google Authorship Can Help Your Content Marketing

You’ve been creating all sorts of written content to get more links and exposure to your business website, but have you been using GooglAuthorship for the pages you publish? This can be a crucial piece you’re missing in your content marketing checklist that can determine the trustworthiness of you and your business. So, what exactly is Google Authorship and how exactly do you start using it right now?

How to Claim Google Authorship

Simply put, Google Authorship is another way to link content to your Google+ profile and in turn have a better rank on the Google search engine. Content with the Google Authorship “seal of approval” so to speak will be linked to your published name, Google+ profile, and show a bit more prominently on search.

There is a two-step process for Google Authorship to successfully work:

  1. You will need a Google+ profile that is verifiable and can link to your content.
  2. Any of your published content must reference that Google+ account and link back to this identity.

steps of Google authorship

From there it’s either verifying your email or doing a multi-step process of linking everything together so that Google Authorship works. You can learn more about the verification process with this Search Engine Land article. While it can be a long process, this will be a big boost in optimization for your business without having to pay in to it.

How exactly do you use Google Authorship to your advantage once you’ve been verified? By always making sure your content is linked with Google Authorship and only providing your best content yet. Google is actively ranking great quality content better than mediocre content and this is especially true with their Authorship program.

Google authorship verified

Links to your website and company blog are also ideal to have on your Google+ page and remember to try and fill out as much information as possible on the profile to give your content marketing strategies a bit more authenticity. You can verify your profile and start using Google Authorship right now for your future published content.

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