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Lower Your Google Bounce Rate and Improve Web Marketing

Notice that your content or website has a high bounce rate? Want to make sure that leads stay on your website instead of opting out? There is a bit of a “science” to lowering your Google bounce rate, or the percentage of how many users click out of your website when initially landing on it, but lowering the rate doesn’t have to be difficult with the right kind of tips and advice.

Lowering Your Google Bounce Rate

Below are the best ways to lower your Google bounce rate for your web marketing initiatives. You can use a handful or even all of them for the best results.

  1. Review your keywords. Did you do proper keyword research beforehand? If not, this can affect your bound rate considerably. People might be pointed to your website in search results and realize it’s not what they’re quite looking for, so you need to make sure you have exactly the right keywords for your target audience.
  2. Landing pages are key. Sometimes it’s all about your landing page. It is best to have multiple ones all with different, unique content and keywords for a variety of target audiences all with similar pain points that you have the solution for.
  3. Meta descriptions required. On top of your keyword research and web marketing strategies, make sure to have very useful meta descriptions that help web crawlers and your target audience alike. This also helps you rank higher on search engines, on top of lowering your Google bounce rate.
  4. Stick with a simple layout. Overly complicated or busy layouts on a website are going to instantly turn off users from your website and they will more than likely opt out. Instead, keep it simple. Have easily readable text, an easy navigation system, and don’t try to hide your information—be as transparent as possible.
  5.  Page load time needs to be fine tuned. Finally, it’s time to put your website in high gear with quicker page load times! A delay of a few seconds can cause a huge drop off in impressions and click through rates so you need to make sure your website is fast for a lower bounce rate.

lowering google bounce rate

Keeping your website lightweight so that it loads fast both on desktops and mobile as well as providing the type of content your target audience wants are the two best ways to lower your Google bounce rate. Don’t be afraid to tweak your web marketing strategy a bit to see what kind of bounce rate you have after the fact.

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