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How is your brand behaving online?

Your website presents the opportunity to combine interactive media and various technologies to bring your Brand Identity to life.
As you must know, consumers begin all shopping or similar activity with a search engine query. Cultura Interactive specializes in SEO-friendly web design & development which makes your website easier to be indexed by search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and found by your potential customers.


The discovery process is driven by high-level customer input paired with Cultura Interactive’s experience. During this process, we define the project from a business and design perspective and focus on their goals and needs.


Wireframing is the process in the design phase where we begin to structure the UI (User Interface) elements that allows users to navigate the website. We pay special attention to this step in order to create the proper user experience (UX) for the users navigating the website.


The coding phase of the website is tied with the programming that will implement the design. This code may be written in a different language such as PHP and JavaScript depending on the project’s requirements.

Information Architecture (Wireframe)

Think about Web Information Architecture as the blueprint you need to build your dream house. Prototyping is the art and science of designing site structures, page layouts and navigation systems that make websites easy for visitors to find the information they need and do what they need to do on a site.

Our team of skilled professionals not only create great concepts, but we also focus on positioning various brand elements in the right place, so people can easily find them in your well developed website.

Responsive Web Design

From mobile phones to netbooks and tablets, users nowadays are visiting websites from an increasing array of new devices and browsers. Is your website mobile-friendly?

At Cultura Interactive, we think way beyond the desktop by crafting beautiful designs that anticipate and respond to your user’s mobile needs. Through CSS techniques and design principles, including fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries, we deliver high-quality user experiences no matter how large (or small) the displays are.

Web Programming

With over 15 years of experience, our skilled web developers use coding languages to engineer the most innovative and technologically advanced websites. We will develop a set of wireframes with creative concepts and interfaces to build a clean, fully functional website that will meet your business goals.

Cultura Interactive specializes in dynamic web development in PHP and MySQL. We can also create custom-built content management systems (CMS) to fit your unique requirements. We have years of experience providing professional solutions in custom WordPress development, and we are WooCommerce verified experts. Our award-winning web development team will customize and scale the platform to meet your project’s unique needs.

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