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Why Snippets Are Important for SEO and Web Marketing


Getting people to click through to your website may take some persuasion, but fortunately you do have search optimization on your side. One of the strengths of an web marketing campaign includes SEO, but one aspect some small businesses tend to overlook is snippets found in search. This small piece can have big time consequences if not properly optimized or even integrated. This is when an SEO specialist may come in handy!

What are snippets?

When you search for websites on a search engine like Google, you’re also going to get a small blurb underneath the link that explains what the website is about or what it offers to potential customers. This is great for e-commerce websites looking to sell their products online and want a short description to show up on search results. But it also provides quick insight into just about any business looking to capture more leads online and improving their web marketing strategy.

Google description snippets

The exact characters allowed for a full snippet on Google is three lines of text. This doesn’t give you a lot of room to give a long description, but rather something very concise and to a point. It’s similar to a call to action at the end of an article, and that means you’ll really want to draw in your customers on this first point of contact.

rich snippet exampleWhy are snippets so important for SEO?

Did you know you can optimize snippets in order for that particular page to rank higher? Just like how the first word in your headline is crucial for SEO, so are your snippets. If you’re not providing the right kind of information you want to be ranked for, then your page might show up lower on the page.

Integrating them into your own web marketing campaign means knowing exactly what kind of keyword you want to rank highly for. Most companies go for unbranded keywords—those without their brand name in them—because these are typically searched more often than branded keywords.

There are also rich snippets to consider, which include a small picture or thumbnail of a video next to the text and link on the search page. This can attract even more customers because they stand out more in search results and give you more authority (learn more about Google Authorship here).

Setting up snippets is required for any business because it gives a short description of your service or product while utilizing your top keywords and helping you rank higher on search engines. Why wouldn’t you use such a powerful resource?

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