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5 Ways To Be Strategic With Hashtags in Internet Marketing

Almost all social networks allow hashtags, or hash symbols (#), to better share content. While some people and businesses may abuse them and drown out their original message with too many, there is a strategic way for businesses to use hashtags in internet marketing. In fact, marketers are now creating internal hashtag strategies for their businesses for amazing internet marketing results.

Using Hashtags in Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Not sure where to begin with your hashtag strategy or how to even incorporate them into your current internet marketing marketing campaign? Here are five ways to be strategic with hashtags to make sure you don’t look like a social media newbie.

  1.  Do your research first. It may sound odd, but checking out the landscape and making note of already established hashtags being used by your target audience is the first step toward a successful strategy. A company selling designer clothes might see that customers are using terms like “designer label” or “dguide to hashtaggingesigner fashion.” Create a list of frequently used hashtags.
  2. Less is more. While it may make sense to dump a bunch of hashtags into a status for the best results, it is best to use them sparingly for more impact. Just like with any type of status, the time of day and platform still matters and should be an integral part of your internet marketing campaign and hashtag integration.
  3. Create your own. Inspire and encourage your customers to use custom made hashtags when communicating with or about your brand. Something easy to remember and not too long.
  4. Be consistent with your tone. Try to use the same hashtags on multiple platforms to establish consistency but don’t be afraid to experiment and try different hashtags in order to compare results.
  5. Make it unique. Hashtags shouldn’t just be used for the sake of trying to go viral or getting more exposure with little to no substance. While they can indeed lead to viral content, they still need to be inline with your brand’s mission, voice, and brand story you’ve been working so hard to create.

how to use hashtags

When used appropriately, hashtags can be highly useful and an integral part of your internet marketing strategy. Trying out different tactics and measuring the best results while also keeping these strategies in mind can be the best path toward successful #hashtagging as a business.

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