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Internet Marketing vs. Local Business Marketing

One of the best ways to get consistent traffic to your site that many businesses tend to neglect is through local business marketing. While Internet marketing campaigns will help bring customers to you, sometimes you need a little extra push and that can be achieved when you’ve properly optimized your site for local search and utilize the power of local marketing.

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What exactly is local business marketing and how can it be so important to your business? Read on below on how you can begin the best local marketing strategy to optimize your site.

Local Business OptimizationLocal Internet Marketing Optimization

All local small businesses should have their information properly filled out on Google, Yelp, and other directories with information such as an address and phone number at minimum. This helps businesses rank higher on search engines and bring in more traffic to their websites.

These directories are also great sources for customers to review your business and create testimonials without you having to ask them for one, which also creates more link backs to your business and means a higher rank.

But if you’re already ranking for such information and want to boost up your local business marketing, then you should consider local content and outreach. Here are some ideas to consider that can really boost up your Internet marketing while also capturing local leads:

  • Make it a habit of sharing the community outreach and volunteer work that your business might be doing in the area. Share pictures on social media, write up blog posts—make it a mission to show that your business is active in the local community.
  • Customer appreciation content is the best way to instill loyalty as well as bring in new prospective leads. These appreciation posts can be as simple as a highlight or profile on loyal customers on Facebook or a full-fledged blog post or article.
  • Remember to include local search keywords in some of your content to capture those local search marketing leads. People are always using search engines to find the best deals closest to them and you can optimize those keywords to expand your reach.
  • Remember to include your business information, including website, in all of your “press release” worthy content that gets published on your blog or anywhere else online. This creates a consistent link back to your site and means a higher rank for your business.

local business marketing optimization

Local business marketing is quite simple once you have implemented a strategy, which is doable when you implement some of the tactics mentioned above.

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