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5 Ways to Use WordPress for Marketing

As an online marketing professional, your primary goal should be to achieve the greatest visibility for your site while achieving an optimal conversion rate. WordPress is one strategy that many marketers use in order to simplify and streamline this process. This open source content management system is popular for businesses of all sizes, and there are a variety of great ways that marketers can use WordPress to achieve enterprise marketing success.

Start a Business Blog

When it comes to blogging, WordPress is one of the most dominant systems, which is important considering that a blog is fundamental in good content strategy. When using WordPress, you can easily publish, modify, and curate all of your content straight to your blog, advancing your SEO and feeding directly into your social media accounts. The user-centric approach to this content management system emphasizes user-friendly dashboards and editorial controls.

Improved Search Results

WordPress can help to elevate the ranking of your website by ensuring best search engine practices. WordPress will automatically use standards-based technology that is preferred by the most popular search engines. This can be extremely helpful for marketers, as it will decrease the time that they need to spend thinking about meta tags and keywords.

Connecting to Social Media

Word of mouth and referrals are extremely important when it comes to marketing, so a marketing strategy without an active social media presence won’t be able to reach its full potential. In order to take advantage of all the opportunities to generate traffic that results from social sharing, it is important that you create profiles on the major social media sites and actively engage with your followers. Fortunately, there are many different plugins out there that can help to optimize WordPress social sharing.

Use Multimedia

WordPress is a great option for blog posts and articles that are text-heavy, but that’s not the only way that the software is useful for marketing. WordPress can make it easy to add and manage multimedia, including graphics, videos, and photos, which your visitors can share with their friends. It is easy to use, so you won’t need experience in coding in order to incorporate multimedia, as it is simple to edit and publish all the videos and images that your audience will love.

Content Management

WordPress is a popular content management software option that can be useful in the enterprise market – plus, it’s completely free. With content management, you’ll be able to update your website content yourself using a graphical interface without worrying about code-review, pull requests, or coding. As a major open-source project with hundreds of thousands of developers, contributors, vendors, and enterprise marketing users, it is easy to integrate the tools and services that your marketing department needs, including Google Analytics, Clicky, Jetpack, and KISS Metrics.

Thinking of Using WordPress as an Enterprise Marketing Platform?

When it comes to online marketing, it is important to remember that the game is constantly changing, so you’ll need to stay ahead of it. Get involved in the WordPress community by taking part in development forums and looking for the newest plugins and themes. The more knowledge you have about WordPress, the more use that you’ll get out of its online enterprise marketing capabilities.

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