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How to Separate Your Digital Marketing from the IT Department

If you want your business to enjoy a successful marketing campaign, it is crucial that you allow IT to hand over the reins to the experienced marketing professionals on your team. The main responsibilities of your company IT department are to minimize risk and maintain infrastructure, not to advertise or promote your products and services – even via online channels.

If you expect your IT department to become the online branch of your marketing department, you will likely be left with delays, poor Internet marketing, and frustration. For that reason, it is crucial that an internet marketing company creates a separate marketing department and takes the initiative to manage it properly.

Choose the Right Tools

When allowing your marketing department to take over Internet marketing, it is essential that you have the right project management tools. The size of your office and whether your workers are remote or centralized can play a role in which tools will work best, but you should ensure that you have several bases covered:

  • A centralized CRM system will track important client information
  • A project management system (Trello, Basecamp, etc.) will allow your workers to share project files and status updates effectively.
  • Internal chat tools can help your team to communicate easily, and even free options like Google+ hangouts can be helpful.

Determine the Roles of the Team

In any Internet marketing company, it is important to understand each role and who will fill each position. There are several important people that you will want as part of your team:

  • Conversion optimizer. Also known as the UX specialist or the CRO, this person will work to boost your website’s conversion rate to increase profits.
  • Copywriter. This may be someone that you hire in house or that you employ on a contract basis. The copywriter will work to churn out the copy and content used for all of your marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Data analyst. This analyst is responsible for knowing your marketing goals and how to measure the results of your content compared to these metrics.
  • SEO technician. This team member understands how a search engine crawls through a website and can take steps to help your business advance in its rankings.
  • Social media manager. This person is responsible for engaging customers and stakeholders via social networking sites.

Identify Important Performance Metrics

Once your digital marketing department staff has been identified, it is important to determine how they will measure the success of their marketing efforts. What is the point of your advertising campaign – brand awareness or to boost sales? If brand awareness is the ultimate goal, you should focus on content creation, as more marketing materials can be useful to disseminate across your social media channels.

How Our Internet Marketing Company Can Help

You wouldn’t ask your marketing team to do the job of the IT department and attempt to manage your corporate network, so why would you expect the reverse? By forcing IT to manage your website, you’ll lose search rankings, sales, customers, and time, so work to separate your digital marketing efforts away from IT today.

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