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4 Ways to Make Your Mobile App a Must-Have

When creating a mobile app, the ultimate goal is that your product will take off and go viral. Customers share these apps through social networks, chat, email, and word of mouth, and suddenly, it is something that no one can live without. If you are hoping to have this success with your app, there are a few steps that you can take to try and make it the next big thing.

Make it Useful

The best mobile app designers understand that in order to make an app that everyone wants, the program needs to be useful, providing a unique service that the user can’t get anywhere else. The app needs to be original, and it can serve to entertain the user, solve a problem, or connect them to their friends. It also needs to be well-designed in terms of the user experience and visuals.

It is also crucial that your mobile app benefits the user even without the social aspect. Most people aren’t going to invite others to try out an app unless they already know that it is worthwhile, so your app needs to have something for the user to experience immediately without inviting friends. Then, as your number of users increases, the value of your app’s primary function will also increase.

Reward Users Often

If you want to encourage your app users to invite others to try out your program, you’ll want to offer some type of reward. It is important to make the process of inviting friends a core activity in your app, so you will want to take some time to experiment with ways to encourage invitations at different points in your app. The most successful reward strategies will provide an incentive to both the invited party and the invitee, and they can range from free upgrades, discounts, extra storage, or free themes.

Develop a Fool-Proof Marketing Strategy

If you want to develop interest in your mobile app, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy that begins before the app even launches. Your app will have a better chance of gaining significant traction when you create anticipation before it even goes live. Relevant Internet forums are a good place to start to make sure that people in your target audience are aware of your upcoming program.

Press coverage can also be crucial to your marketing efforts, as a third-party endorsement can go a long way in gaining the trust of potential customers. Identify a journalist who has done similar product or category stories, and explain why your app merits a story. A positive, well-crafted article from a reputable source is a sure-fire way to spark interest in your product.

Get Influencer Support

There are certain people on social media who have the ability to move significant numbers of people into action, and this may include downloading your app. Finding the right influencer with a significant social media following can be a great benefit to the popularity of your app. The right mention can do wonders when it comes to improving the number of downloads you experience.

Ready to Start Your Mobile App Project?

You won’t be able to make your app take off and become a must-have overnight. However, a proactive strategy to make your app useful and to get it the right support can help take it to “must-have” status with time.

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