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Is the Future of Web Design Really in Artificial Intelligence?

There is a lot that goes into creating a new website. Gathering all the requirements, research, planning, coding, testing and copywriting are just part of what goes into traditional web development. This does not include the time spent going back and forth with the client.

The perfect solution may be the promise of AI website builders.

In the next few years, 85 percent of executives plan to implement AI technologies according to Technology Vision Survey by Accenture’s 2017.

Here are some ways businesses are already using AI:

Relevant results are delivered right away with smart search engines.

·       Cutting-edge algorithms adapt processes to changing conditions.

·       Virtual assistants and chatbots handle customer-facing exchanges.

·       Predictive analysis creates smoother operations.

·       Personalized recommendations are provided from audio and visual interfaces.

·       Conversational inquiries handle natural language interfaces more appropriately.

Tech experts argue that the wave of the future is AI.

How large of a role AI should play in business is something that many executives are questioning. Customer service is one particular area where AI has been problematic.


While chatbots can be used to respond to customers on a company’s behalf, the responses and language are still quite basic. There is no real personalization or warmth when engaging with the customer.

Interactions used by chatbots are built solely by data. This data is what customers and businesses have fed the system. Unless a copywriter has attempted to include emotions in premade responses, emotion is rarely included. In fact, the answer to the question may not even be provided with these mechanical responses.

This can also be said for web design.

It can be said that the voice of your business is its website. Shaping that voice with an AI website builder may not be ideal for your business. This is especially true for those wishing to use the website to build relationships. Some of the more popular AI web design tools available include:

·       The Grid

·       Sacha by Firedrop

·       Wix ADI

Although AI website builders are capable of coding a site, selecting appropriate images, and create an excellent looking color palette for you, the content that needs to be created still has to come from you.

When it comes to SEO, there is no telling what AI website builders will do. In terms of design, how diverse will your new website be? What would happen if you and your competitor use the same AI website builder and it delivers similar, emotionless information?

However, these web design tools only demonstrate that a human touch is still needed.

While AI website builders can be sufficient, is it the best approach for your customers?

There are already a number of ways we use to cut back the labor-intensive side of web design, such as page builder tools, next-generation design platforms, and content management systems. There is no need to compromise on creativity or sacrifice quality,

Some other tools that can help reduce the labor-intense side of web design include:

·       Optimizely

·       Duda

·       Pre-made templates

·       MozBar

·       MailChimp

As well as these AI-driven technologies:

·       Grammarly

·       Adobe Sensei

·       Dynamic Yield

With these tools, we already have the ability to design more efficiently and with a more personalized content. In the future, AI should also be part of the workflow.

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