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Getting Your WooCommerce Settings Right for The Holiday Rush

As the holiday season approaches, considering ways to drive traffic, increase sales, and maintain customer satisfaction is common. However, considering other aspects that can make a significant difference is needed as well. This includes settings for your WooCommerce.

Prior to getting busy this season, it is essential to check these settings, from your low stock threshold to your store emails to the text used in your season notices. So, before the holiday season begins, consider reviewing the following important WooCommerce settings:

Inventory Settings

Your inventory should be one of the first things to review prior to the holiday sales rush. In addition to determining how many on-hand products are needed, it is important to review how your eCommerce store interacts with these products.

To do so, log into WooCommerce. Next, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Inventory. Now, look to see if email notifications for out of stock products and/or low stock is enabled. Also, be sure to double-check the Low Stock Threshold and email address where notifications will be sent. Finally, determine if you want out of stock items to be hidden or remain on the store.

Checkout Settings

After reviewing your inventory settings, head over to the Checkout tab. Guest checkout should be one of the first things to consider in the area. If it is not already enabled, determine if you want to temporarily enable it. Not having a guest checkout for your store can cause some shoppers to abandon their carts.

On the other hand, if it is already enabled, now is the time to decide whether to keep it or not. This decision is dependent on your individual store and what is already known about the customers.

Next, review the checkout settings for coupons on this same screen. If you plan on offering coupon codes this holiday season, be sure the first box is checked. Without checking this box there is no place to enter the coupon codes.

Emails to Customers

Go to the Emails tab next and review the list of messages. Emails on this list are set up to automatically send to not only yourself but members of your team and/or customers once an order is completed, ships, if and when a payment is refunded, etc.

To change recipients of any of these automatic emails, or to enable/disable them, simply click the icon located on the right side to adjust its settings.

We recommend customizing the design of your email to match your store if you have not so yet. To start this process, consider using the WooCommerce Email Customizer extension.

On-Site Messaging

Go to the General tab and move down to the option to enable a site-wide message. This allows a fast and easy way to tell your customers about such things as:

·      Shipping cutoff for the holidays

·      Discounts, sales, etc.

·      Coupon deadlines

·      Unexpected issues or delays such as inclement weather delaying shipments.

Be sure to check out the further messaging options as well.

Review Payment and Shipping Settings

Some settings to review include your payment gateway, details of shipping settings, digital products set up, etc. If you have not already, you may want to consider adding Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal Checkout’s smart buttons, to allow for a quicker checkout.

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