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Personalized content is a Big Social Media trend for 2019

Key to success in 2019 is personalizing your social media strategy according to Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends research.

Rebuilding Trust

Emphasizing five of the top trends for 2019, the research found that rebuilding trust is important and can be accomplished by personalized content.

Engaging with an audience has become more of a challenge for brands. Many controversies in social media has seen a drop-in trust. After all, how can an audience trust a brand, when they do not trust the social media platform where the message is viewed?

Create Meaningful Engagements. Meaningful content targeted to a smaller audience helps to build up engagement. It can result in customers or followers becoming advocates of your brand.

Building communities centered around your brand lets you talk to more valuable audiences.

One way to accomplish this is to avoid endorsements from public figures or celebrities. Customer surveys can provide better results since 61 percent of consumers trust family or friend recommendations more than celebrity endorsements.

Provide that personal feel to your brand by talking to your customer on social media platforms.

Start Using Stories

About 64 percent of survey respondents stated they have begun using Stories or planning on implementing them in their strategy in the next year.

Stories pull away from heavy text advertising. The visual aspect of Stories provides a great way for brands to showcase their products.

Brands can pull away from text-heavy advertising by catching the audience’s eye with UGC. Instagram’s newest feature additions help you create excitement around your brand.

Big Challenge in 2019 is Organic Reach Decline

Changes in algorithm across social media platforms mean in order for larger audiences to see your brand, content needs to be paid for.

This is why 64 percent of respondent’s state falling organic reach as well as the need for larger social media budgets is a big challenge in 2019.

Creating content which inspires conversions. To get more posts in front of a larger audience you must ensure that interactions as a brand you have on social media are engaging, meaningful, and creative.

While this is easier said than done, you are sure to see an uplift with your organic posts once you find a good formula.

Your budget can then be put toward boosting posts that do well anyway, rather than creating costly ads that might not get noticed.

The way forward is shopping via social

While social commerce may be somewhat new, it is starting to take off with a range of opportunities. Some 28 percent of survey stated that they have already implemented or are planning on implementing social commerce.

Video is crucial in social commerce

Video is one of the biggest tools available in your social commerce resources. In fact, after viewing a video on social media, 74 percent of people are more likely to make a purchase. Video highlights the reason your audience needs to purchase your product.

Tag products in your post, create videos showing your products best light to start with. Also, consider contests and unique hashtags to get people to share your product.

Messaging provides a better one on one experience

About 46 percent of marketer have already implemented or are planning on implementing messaging apps into their social media strategy within the next year.

It is surprising that with close to 5 billion monthly are not taking advantage of the opportunity these apps offer.

Many customers are using social media messaging apps. This way they can have issues resolved, get answers to questions, or to contact customer service

Create conversations that provide more than advertisements

Messenger services are also being used by many brands to send discounts and offers to followers. However, you need to have a conversation style and not one that is salesy to provide the best experience for your customer.

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