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eCommerce Customers 4 Ways to Build Trust within

eCommerce business owners like yourself, likely understand the importance of “trust” when it comes to converting first-time site visitors into paying consumers. If this type of visitor finds anything that makes them doubt the credibility of your service or finds something that makes them feel uncomfortable they would never complete the checkout process. Therefore, maintaining their satisfaction is necessary if you’re to have a chance of converting them into paying customers.

The following are other benefits you’ll gain when you satisfy new customers:

  • New Reviews – New customers are not tired of leaving reviews and will wholeheartedly provide them. Ultimately, other first-time visitors will be convinced by these reviews.
  • Opportunities for New Referrals – First-time consumers are typically excited to share eCommerce websites with their family and friends especially when the experience was wonderful.

To build trust with new customers, you must optimize your e-commerce website. Well, most eCommerce operators have proven the following key steps to be successful:

1. Write a clear About Us page

Even before a first-time visitor browses through your product gallery they will check your About Us section. Much of the time, the content of this page is also the determining factor of whether they will proceed with an order or not.

Include these details to build trust with the About Us page:

  • Your brand’s certificates, credential, or awards
  • Years you’ve been in business
  • Core values, mission statement, and goals
  • Contact phone number and email
  • Location of physical address

Your About Us should:

  • Be easy to skim and well-spaced
  • Be consistent with your branding on the site
  • When representing your business, use the first person due to business name appearing non-personal
  • Have everything new customers need to know about your eCommerce business

Remember to always keep your About Us page updated.

2. Clearly define Return Policy

The truth is that 79 percent of online consumers wish to know what option they have available to them for getting payback for late or wrong deliveries, returning goods, as well as any other fault from your store. Therefore, how can you build more trust and use this to your advantage?

First, always be sure products are fully stocked and can be delivered to the customer’s location within the stated time. After, design a Refund Policy on your site that defines the conditions offered by your store for replacement or refund.

Furthermore, a link to a form to make requests should be included on your refund policy page.

3. Provide rapid and excellent Customer Service

Offering assistance with any inquiries or difficulties will win the trust of new customers. So, consider adding a Contact Us page to your e-commerce site. Be sure all the easiest channels are included to contact customer service representatives and receive assistance quickly.

Live chat is one way to provide this prompt, excellent customer support and is preferred by 42 percent of customers.

4. Keep your Promises

There has always been an agreement between e-commerce operators that over-delivering is always better than not to meet the demand of the customer. Therefore, any promises made on your e-commerce site about product quality, delivery options, warranty, refund policy, discounts, and bonuses must be kept to new customers.

Promises that are kept make new customers instantly trust your brand and persuade them into recommending your goods to their family and friends.

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