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3 Major Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Online Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2019

It has been predicted by many that this year is to be the best for online marketing. With a little research of 2018 marketing and of successful, creative companies, here are 3 major marketing trends to look out for in 2019:

1. The Come-Back of Offline Marketing

There are numerous reasons why digital marketing became as big as it did in such a little time. For one, the wide reach of the internet. For two, the ability to customize marketing efforts to fit with specific audiences. But, other reasons are that digital marketing was new, and everyone wanted to try this new refreshing innovation.

Digital marketing is no longer new. In fact, Shopify has predicted that by 2021, sales of global retail e-commerce will reach about $4.5 trillion. In 2014, this number was only $1.3 trillion. The number of individuals purchasing goods and services online has also increased drastically and is projected to reach more than 2 billion in 2020, up from 1.46 billion in 2015. This has resulted in a considerable decrease in offline marketing efforts. What this means is, offline marketing has become “uncommon marketing”, and is an excellent way to add a personal touch for customers. Get creative in 2019 and consider using mediums we turned away from in the age of digital marketing.

2. The Upsurge of Socially Beneficial Marketing

Since the beginning of social impact investing, much has changed. Unfortunately, the world has not got better but has worsened. Statistics our world is faced with can be exceedingly frightful. Take climate change for example. By the end of the century, global warming is expected to exceed 4C if emissions continue on a business-as-usual scenario. Other issues our world is faced with are about the same. In 2019, we can expect to see more socially minded businesses entering valuable partnerships to deal with some of the social causes. In fact, visibility is increased for businesses that invest around social causes, regardless of size.

3. Blockchain Makes its Mark on Marketing

Blockchain has some people worried while others are excited. Like many industries, marketing was not spared of the disruptive tendencies of this new technology. Blockchain digital marketing is rarely understood but has been tossed around in marketing spheres. However, 2019 may be the year where blockchain is not only fully understood but utilized as well.

Here are a couple of features that makes blockchain desirable moving forward:

  • Consumer data is under their control, rather than left on servers
  • Middlemen like Google and Facebook will be eliminated when blockchain is utilized in Search Engine Marketing
  • A higher level of transparency with blockchain.
  • Google Display Network would no longer be necessary to find advertisers. Site owners can trust the amount they pay is fair, and the advertiser will know that they are paying for genuine clicks.

The possibilities are endless for marketers innovative enough to utilize it. In the coming years, blockchain will truly make marketing about the advertiser and consumer, without the need of the middleman.

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