On A Limited Budget? Tips On How To Save Money On Marketing During The Holidays

The best way to get the most out of a limited online marketing budget during the holidays is to start early. The sooner you get yourself out of the blocks the more success you will see and can use that…

The best way to get the most out of a limited online marketing budget during the holidays is to start early. The sooner you get yourself out of the blocks the more success you will see and can use that revenue to further fuel your marketing efforts. By increasing what you bring in now, the more you can shift into your marketing budget.


If you are going to utilize advertising, don’t focus on just one channel. Spread yourself out as evenly as you can, across as many platforms as you can. Make sure you are creating holiday themed offers and make sure you are marketing for both your particular niche and traditional mainstream holiday gift buyers.

Consider pay-per-click advertising or other online ad programs to help get your brand in front of customers and increase your brand recognition. This can help any company receive short-term and long-term success and provides long lasting results. This makes spending money on this type of advertising more attractive than most other potentials.

Recycle Previous Ad Copy

Why waste time and money creating new, exciting ads when you can use previously run, successful ads again. Tweak them slightly to include the targeted keywords of your holiday online marketing campaign and you’re going to get quality ads that took a fraction of the time to release and virtually nothing to create.

Each Product Can Bring Joy

Every product, regardless of what it is, can bring great joy to someone. The key here is finding the person that it would work for. The easiest way to do this is to highlight the people that your specific products would work well for and showcase how it provides a valuable quality of life upgrade for them.

Engage Social Media Platforms Restlessly

During the holidays, customers ask a lot of questions, especially when they are buying from a new retailer or online provider. Make sure someone is engaging these questions and customers as quickly as possible. Even if you take a dozen or so questions and create a holiday FAQ page for your site out of them and share it, you want to be actively engaging customers. The company that shows they care the most about a customer, is the company that is going to win. Even if the product is more expensive.

You don’t need to have a lavish online marketing budget to have a successful holiday marketing campaign. Get creative with different ways to get your brand and your products in front of the public. Holiday gift idea blog posts and online catalogs can be used to attract more customers. The biggest thing you can do to help market your business if you are on a limited budget is to think outside of the box. The ability to stand out from your competition will cause customers to remember you.

Need Some Help With Your Online Marketing Strategy This Season?

Something as simple as having a couple of employee’s writing a small blog post about what their favorite Christmas was, and creating a Spirit of Christmas landing page will keep people coming back all season long, just to read more heartwarming stories. Even if they are not making a purchase today, they will remember that funny joke, cute picture of a kitten or touching story from your blog and share it with others.

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