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The Best Times To Send Emails During The Holidays

As any business can tell you, between November and January, email strategies and online marketing campaigns lose a lot of their effectiveness due to the email and behavioral changes of Internet users. So how can you help make your email marketing campaigns more effective? Let’s look at the upcoming major holidays and reasons why they impact email and online marketing.

Christmas Eve

Do you have plans to go out town for Christmas Eve? Maybe you have family coming to visit you instead? This is a very common occurrence during the holidays and it results in anywhere from a 6 to a 10% decline in the number of people that access their email, let alone read, what they deem as, non-essential email. Most people are gone for a few days and then once they get back home, must take care of a couple of things before everything is back to normal. It typically takes about a week for the 6 to 10% decline to bounce back. Most people tend to leave a day or two before the holiday itself, and checking and clearing their email inbox is on their list of to-do’s.

Christmas Day

The week prior to Christmas people are checking their inboxes for special offers and deals from just about anyone that sends them an email. In fact, the rate in which people open their emails increases by roughly 6 to 10%. Unfortunately, online marketing effectiveness and the rate in which people open their email from non-family members drops by anywhere from 40 to 45% on Christmas Eve. This is largely due to people traveling, doing shopping, wrapping presents and spending time with their families. It doesn’t stop there, however. Christmas day shows that the overall effectiveness drops by up to 75%. Over the next couple of days, things remain ineffective by seeing numbers still down by 30 to 40%.

New Years

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day have always been a dark day for email and online marketing. Most businesses will notice that the decline from Christmas have not bounced back yet. By the time Near Year’s Eve and Day come around, most businesses will notice that they are still looking at about a 60% or so decline in overall effectiveness in email and online marketing.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

January 2nd, most businesses that utilize email and online marketing strategies will see a major bounce back in their effectiveness. The Holiday Season has come to a close and everything, including the business world, is returning to normal. This means that the best time to actually focus on your email and or online marketing campaign is the week prior to Thanksgiving and then giving it a break for a week. Once you return from that break, hit your campaign hard until December 23rd. At this point, you should again relax on your strategies and approach until the new year.

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