5 Different Ways to Take Advantage of Content Marketing This Holiday Season

Online content marketing is a lot more than just a business blog. Unfortunately, many people seem to ignore that when they are pushing to boost their business. There are only so many different things you can write about your business…

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Online content marketing is a lot more than just a business blog. Unfortunately, many people seem to ignore that when they are pushing to boost their business. There are only so many different things you can write about your business or products that relaxes to the holidays before you run dry. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. Online content marketing means you’re providing content that customers are going to find valuable and digest. This means videos on your website, new images, sounds or songs and of course, social media.

New Images

By adding some new, festive images to your emails, website and social media networks you can make your brand more relatable. You’re not just some company out to make a dollar, you’re embracing the holiday season, and customers, whether they know it or not, respond to that.

Social Media

If you have a holiday sale planned or have some sort of holiday catalog in the works, make sure you publish it on your social media networks. Pinterest, for example, is a great place to start. Parents can pin products that their children look and remember what they are, and where to get them when the time comes to go out shopping.

Gift and Holiday Guides

Billions of people around the world struggle with generating gift ideas for loved ones. Creating an online holiday gift guide can help generate a lot of traffic to your site and give your online marketing a real big boost. If the gift is put together well and customers find it helpful, it will be shared over social media platforms like wildfire and generate major traction.


It doesn’t matter if it is a major television commercial or a small 20 second video posted on your website, finding a way to engage your customers in a festive light is going to generate results. How many commercials from major retailers did you with people singing, playing in the snow and exchanging presents last year? Hundreds. How many of those videos or commercials had actual products being pitched in them? Very few.

The idea that you are a part of the holiday madness is enough to earn trust from customers during this time of year. A great example of this was the polar bears that Coke uses. When they first came out, and to this day, whenever one of those commercials comes on, everyone stops to watch. They are cute and they do things that embody the season.

Create Urgency

It’s the holiday season. The countdown until it ends is short. Unlike the rest of the year when people are prone to wait for products to go on sale, they have the deal with supply and demand. If makes impulse buying extremely popular. When you provide special offers for a limited time or limited quantities, you generate urgency. You can do this by providing a blanket coupon code to be applied at checkout that expires over the next day or so. Whatever it is you do, make sure it is something that can generate a strong sense of urgency and buzz.

Need Help With Your Online Marketing Strategies This Holiday Season?

Marketing is not rocket science, but it is detail oriented. You have to understand what it is that people want, when they want it and how to give it to them. That is where the entire idea of door buster’s came from. All you need is one or two things to get people through the door, the rest sense of urgency, limited supplies and other customers scrambling around will do the rest. The same type of results can be achieved through online marketing, you just need to get creative and remember to connect with your customers.

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