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How to Improve Marketing Automation with WordPress

Marketing automation is a methodology that will allow your business to automate, streamline, and measure your marketing workflows and tasks, allowing you to grow revenue faster. Today, more businesses than ever are using WordPress as a CMS to simplify their marketing activities, as this software offers multiple third party integrations. With a combination of content and plugins, you’ll be able to automate certain tasks on your website that can help your business to run more efficiently while also saving you time.

Gain Intelligence about Your Website

WordPress also allows you to learn more about visitors to your website, which is helpful in creating actions that will drive sales. WordPress allows for several ways to gain intelligence:

  • Capture contact information on landing pages from registrations and downloads
  • Prioritize and organize contacts into lists
  • Initiate automated email marketing once your contacts have been moved into specific lists
  • Monitor contact interactions and engagement, including clicking on links, content downloads, and returning to your website
  • Supporting your sales team by providing recommendations and resources to integrate content into the sales process
  • Monitor campaign performance by setting up automated reports to explore how well content campaigns are doing

Promote Your Content

When you create and publish a new blog on your WordPress site, you don’t want to take the time to manually post it on different social networks. By using WordPress, you can avoid this time-consuming process by syncing your social media accounts and activating automatic sharing. While it is certainly worthwhile to manually post sometimes – as this can allow you to add a personal touch to the content – allowing a majority of your content to post automatically can quickly get your update noticed by a wide audience of potential customers.

Marketing automation will lead to faster customer conversions, increased revenue, and lower cost per lead. By taking advantage of all the marketing automation benefits that WordPress has to offer, you’ll be able to improve and refine your business marketing strategy.

Use Plugins

Promoting your corporation or business enterprise can be overwhelming, which is likely why your marketing department will want to automate marketing activities. Fortunately, WordPress offers a variety of plugins that can help to make your marketing efforts more efficient, allowing you to get the marketing results that you are looking for while saving a ton of time.

There are several crucial WordPress plugins that all marketers should consider when it comes to marketing automation, and these are just a few of the most popular:

  • Agile CRM. This plugin comes with fully integrated marketing and sales automation, as well as web analytics and social integration. You’ll have access to one page contact management and can easily collect and sort form information and sales leads.
  • Leadin. Plugins like Leadin help you to better understand visitors to your website, allowing you to track visitor behavior so that you can more easily set up future conversion opportunities.
  • Mailchimp. This plugin is an online email marketing solution that helps businesses to send emails, manage subscribers, and track results. An effective way to manage email marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to better follow website-generated leads and request

Need Some Guidance on Marketing Automation?

When using one of these helpful plugins with your WordPress site, your marketing systems will be better automated, allowing you to put your time to better use elsewhere.

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