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5 Advantages of Automated Marketing and CRM

Customer relationship marketing (CRM) involves getting the most out of your interactions with potential customers, and many businesses are now using automated marketing as their go-to follow-up system.

Adding marketing automation to CRM can create a powerful marketing and sales tool that is capable of addressing some common business headaches, including poor lead quality, loss of leads, inefficient organization operations, and poor insight about buyer motivation. By identifying some of the main advantages to integrating your automated marketing and CRM, you can get a better understanding of how your business will benefit.

Greater Collaboration

CRM systems will give your business the ability to move away from outdated tools like spreadsheets in favor of more integrated and useful resources. Regardless of the size of your business, the customer lifecycle is usually too complex for one person to manage independently, but cloud-based CRM platforms can help. Using these programs, employees from multiple departments will be better prepared to manage customer relationships collaboratively.

Better Lead Quality

According to Gleanster Research, only about 25% of business leads are legitimate and advance to sales. Many businesses complain about the quality of leads that they are receiving, and if your company has fallen into this trend, marketing automation may be the answer to your prayers. Using the data that is collected via your marketing automation tools, you can evaluate and grade leads so that only the most qualified are being passed on to the sales team. This will ensure that leads are both interested and are appropriate for follow-up. The scores are also synced with your CRM, allowing sales reps to prioritize them.

Improved Efficiency

A CRM system that is well-implemented can save your business considerable time by replacing manual processes that often lead to organizational inefficiencies. Popular CRM platforms can also be easily integrated with other systems, including marketing automation tools. This allows companies to interact and connect with customers in ways that they wouldn’t have been able to in the past.

Never Leave a Lead Behind

Automated marketing with CRM will ensure that you never let a lead slip through the cracks only to be picked up by your competition. Instead, you’ll use lead nurturing in order to automatically “drip” content to leads over time, keeping your business at the top of their minds. Your marketing team is able to set up these campaigns in the background, allowing leads to be nurtured to the point that they are ready to make a purchase with very little effort from the sales teams. The CRM can be used to monitor campaign responses and to add new campaigns when needed.

Improved Customer Experience

It is clear that CRM systems will provide your business with a wealth of benefits, but the greatest advantage will be their ability to improve the overall customer experience. Through the use of CRM, it will be easier to identify the needs of your customers, and this can allow you to tailor your communications so that you interact with them in a meaningful way. This should lead to faster sales, more conversions, and improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Need a Marketing Automation Strategy?

These are just a few of the benefits of automated marketing and CRM. By integrating these two systems, you will offer customers a personalized touch that will give you an edge on the competition, allowing your business to flourish.

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