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How the Consumer Buying Process Influences Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Customers tend to follow the same decision-making path before they make a purchase. Also referred to as the consumer buying process, this six step cycle is one of the most important times for business marketers. By improving your marketing automation efforts at every step in the process, you can boost your sales and business revenue.

Problem or Need Recognition

During this first stage in the buying process, customers will recognize a need and will start to seek out solutions for their problem. This phase of the buying process creates an opportunity for marketing teams, and it is a good time to start content marketing. You will want your customers to know about the service or product that you have to offer, outlining how it can help to solve their problem.

Information Search

In the second step of the buying process, customers will go through a decision making process in which they will gather information about possible solutions. The amount of time in this stage will depend on the size of the purchase, as larger purchases tend to make t he process take longer. Most consumers want to be thorough in their search for a solution, and they will do their research when it comes to product features, ease of use, and pricing.

As a marketer, one of the best ways to market yourself at this time is to establish your brand as an industry leader in your field. It is crucial that consumers find your business’ information during their search, and ranking highly in search engine results is crucial. A strong content marketing automation strategy will also educate your buyers about what you have to offer.

Alternative Evaluation

When making a purchase, most consumers have a list of criteria that a solution needs to meet, so as a marketer, you need to know what is on that list. During this stage, marketing automation is incredibly helpful, as you can target and segment your lists in order to send effective nurture emails to potential leads. Personalizing content to the unique needs of the customer can also be useful.

Purchase Decision

After the consumer has explored all of the options, they will decide whether to move forward on a purchase. They can still walk away at this point, so you’ll need to use your marketing to provide customers with a sense of security. Make sure your customers have ample information relating to their initial need and why your brand and product will best fulfill that need.

Making the Purchase

Once a customer has decided to make a purchase, you still need to stay at the top of your game in regards to your marketing. The purchase process needs to be simple and uncomplicated, so make sure that your website is user-friendly. You may also want to make purchases available via mobile devices so that your customers can conveniently complete their transaction.


Remember that a sale isn’t the end of the purchasing process. In fact, it is just the beginning of your customer’s value for your business. You’ll want to create long-term relationships with your customers to ensure that they come back in the future and recommend your brand to others.

Need Some Guidance on a Marketing Automation Strategy?

Marketing automation can help to optimize your marketing efforts at every step in the consumer buying process. By improving your marketing efforts at every step in the cycle, you will boost current and future sales.

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