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4 Online Habits Killing Your Brand’s Credibility

Credibility must be built before you can build a loyal customer base. The Association for Consumer Research states that credibility affects the choices of the consumer through “perceived risk, information costs saved, and perceived quality.” This is true for even lower cost purchases. A great impact on the buying decisions of consumers is whether or not your brand is perceived as trustworthy.

Numerous brands fail in their efforts of increasing their credibility as the result of rather small mistakes. While the following online habits may not seem significant, they can easily upset your brand-building exertions.

Have yet to claim your business on Google.

Most returning customers and potential customers will not remember the URL of your company. They will do a search on Google to find you. Unfortunately, while your business website will likely show in their search results, most customers will first view your Google listing. If you have not claimed or added your business, your credibility could be quickly lost.

Your actual online presence is proven when claiming your business. Essential information and reviews are available for the customer to quickly check out. When you do not claim your business, it sends a message to potential customers that you do not care about a web presence and your site will likely not help them solve their problems.

You are using vague superlatives.

Many businesses, brick, and mortar or online, use vague superlatives, such as “experienced team,” “best in town,” or “high-quality.” Rather than using non-specific terms, media experts found specific credibility-boosting terms should be used. Terms such as how many years in business or any awards you may have won.

Did not humanize your brand.

Today, fake and scam websites are all too common. This has led to most consumers being cautious when first looking for a new brand. Unfortunately, some smaller companies have resorted to using a generic “About Us” page and stock photos on their website. While it may be convenient, it shows a lack of transparency which tells potential customers that your website may be fake.

Rather than using a generic “About Us” page or stock photos, use pictures of the people that work for the business. Also, for the “About Us” page, personalize it with unique details about the history of your company.

You ignore the testimonials webpage on the site.

Reviews from your customers have a way of making or breaking a business’s ability to gain new customers. Unfortunately, many brands allow third-party review websites to do all the work. This is true even for companies that have no testimonials, and establishing credibility is more difficult.

To ensure that you avoid these damaging online habits, you must take actions to correct them. By doing so, you will make a greater impression on potential customers while also building a more solid reputation. Furthermore, sales growth of your company is generated so the business can move forward in the future when these negative online habits are avoided.

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