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Utilizing Social Media to Boost Sales In-Store

Omnichannel marketing is the topic that seems to be on most retailers’ lips today.  In today’s world, patrons have many points of contact with retailers; the common expectation to have a seamlessly integrated experience across all channels.

Retailers can benefit from omnichannel marketing implantation, it has been reported that omnichannel shoppers pay out 50-300 percent more than those who traditional shop.

How do Retailers Use Omnichannel Marketing for their Benefit?

Making sure that their brick and mortar stores and social media accounts “talk to each other” is the easiest and best way to implement this type of approach.  If utilized correctly social media accounts can enormously benefit retailers.  But, in order to get all of the benefits it is very important that they devote a lot of resources and time on a regular basis.

Here is an outline of the many different ways that you will be able to integrate social media with the experience of in-store shopping.

The Stats

·       74% of consumers utilize social media to steer purchasing decisions.

·       71% of consumers who have had a great social media experience will most likely recommend it to friends and family

·       60% of consumers engage with a brand across social media before actually purchasing

·       41% of retailers rate social media as being very effective as a marketing technique

Social Media Role in the Consumer’s Journey

1.     Drive Awareness – Many consumers look towards social media for word of mouth recommendations, referrals or brand promotions.

2.     Influence Consideration _ During what is known as the consideration phase, it is vital to have robust content within your marketing program in order to entice customers to choose your brand over competitors

3.     Drive Purchases – As a consumer is actively seeking to purchase an item they often can be driven from social media channels to an in-store visit.

4.     Build Loyalty – Loyalty is the key to any successful business, and many business brands do not engage enough attention to their social media care

Creating an interconnected In-store and Social Media Experience

Take that bold step of being ruthlessly consistent in-store and on social media.  When consumers learn about your store personality over social media they expect the same personality when they visit your in-store.

·       Educate Employees- Employees in-store need to know what is going on online so keep them up to date

·       Adding Some Screens – Placing iPads or screens in your store brings the element of social media in-house and can influence buying decisions.

Utilizing Social Media In-Store Examples

·       Utilizing Instagram can promote your business and benefit greatly

·       Utilizing Pinterest by showing in-store customers the items that are most pinned on Pinterest gives them the confidence they need to push that purchase.

·       Utilizing FaceBook is a quick way to give customers information about items and other information.

Key Points

·       Social media can help bridge the gap between offline and online shopping

·       Social media can draw consumers to your store

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