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5 Google Ads Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Today, Google Ads is one of the best tools for generating leads and sales for your business. Unfortunately, many business owners waste money each month due to poor account management. An inadequately configured Google Ads campaign may possibly be presented to the incorrect target audience or perhaps get hidden under the competition.

Consider the following mistakes some business owners make when setting up Google Ads campaigns:

1. Utilizing ad groups for numerous keywords.

One of the more common mistakes users make is creating ad groups that include up to twenty slightly related keywords. This mistake often results in mismatched search results and also makes writing adverts that are relevant to these many keywords problematic.

To make ads more specific and relevant, add only one keyword per ad group. Dynamic text replacement may also be used. This method automatically adjusts the landing page text to match the keywords used in your ads.

2. Forget to use a CRM tool to link the account.

Linking your account with a CRM tool or customer relationship management tool lets you know what keywords are generating actual sales. With this tool, you can see the number of sales that were generated from each keyword. You can also isolate and promote these high-performance keywords or pause those keywords that are not converting leads into sales.

3. Utilizing only a portion of the advertising set.

Utilizing an entire set of advertising extensions leads to a greatly improved performance of Google Ads. More space is occupied by the ads you created in the search engine results page. Rather than utilizing the entire set, many marketers use only 3 to 4 ad extensions. The nine different advertising extensions include the following:

  • Location
  • Call
  • Callout
  • Price
  • Review
  • Message
  • Sitelink
  • Seller ratings
  • Structured snippet

Simply head to the ad extensions tab to enable them. Click-through-rates easily increase by up to 20% when those are enabled.

4. Not bidding on branded keywords.

Since the first introduction of Google Ads, there has been a debate between marketers on whether or not bidding on your own branded keywords is worth it. Your business name or brand is contained in search queries with branded keywords. While some argue against this practice, the results show branded keywords not only ensures that your business website is displayed above the competition, it is also an excellent way of increasing profits.

5. Third-party data not incorporated.

There is one useful feature of Google Ads that many marketers either avoid using, or they simply forget. This is using scrips or APIs to interact with third-party data. One third-party data example that many marketers do not incorporate is the weather. While you do not want to bid on umbrella or rain related keywords when the weather is predicted to be sunny; however, if it is going to be rainy, you want to increase the bid on these keywords, increasing the lead sales and conversion. Scripts and APIs can be set up to automatically do this job for you, depending on what data is collected from the third-party.

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