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What eCommerce Customers Really Want from Your Store

Are you looking to make some changes to your eCommerce business? If so, there are a ton of innovative trends and concepts out there that claim to be business game changers, but it is important to keep one question in mind – what do your customers want? By tailoring your WordPress eCommerce site to best meet the needs of shoppers, you’ll be rewarded with increased sales and happy, returning customers.

Simple Return Process

If your eCommerce business requires customers to go through a cumbersome return process in order to send back an item that didn’t work out, it is unlikely that they’ll be repeat customers. While the return process is naturally a bit more complicated with virtual retail, you need to make the process as headache-free as possible. There are certain strategies that can help you to minimize the hassle of product returns, including:

  • The ability to print self-service return package labels
  • An easy-to-find customer service contact phone number
  • Free return shipping

A buyer-friendly return process will help you to close more future sales.

The Option for Free Shipping

While online shopping is continuing to gain in popularity, the cost of shipping is the main deterrent that keeps customers from making purchases. Some shoppers may go as far as filling their online shopping cart only to abandon it after they see the cost of shipping during the checkout process.

To avoid the loss of potential sales, you may want to consider offering customers free shipping. If providing free shipping to all customers isn’t an option, consider implementing a threshold for the total purchase cost. For example, you may want to offer free shipping for customers who order $50 or more in merchandise.

A Safe Buying Experience

In order to keep your customers happy and making purchases from your online store, you need to make them feel safe purchasing through your site. If you don’t use the right security for your website, it is unlikely that shoppers will feel comfortable providing their credit card information. Make security one of your top priorities when developing your eCommerce site.

Authentic Customer Reviews

More customers than ever rely on customer reviews before making a purchase. A great review can make a big difference in a person’s online shopping experience, and it can convince a customer to make a purchase that they may have been on the fence about. Crowd-sourced reviews of your products are an authentic way to give potential customers information about the items that you sell.

Personalized Recommendations

With your WordPress eCommerce site, you now have more information than ever about the people that are visiting your website. You can now use this information in order to enhance the customer experience at your online store. The right data can help you to promote the specific type of products that are most likely to be purchased by customers, allowing you to provide a personalized shopping experience for each one of your site visitors.

Need Help With Your WordPress eCommerce Store?

When it comes to what customers want from an online store, the data is pretty clear-cut. By paying attention to what your customers want, it is easy to implement some valuable improvements.

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