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How Marketing Automation Can Improve Your Lead Flow Process and How to Create One

If you’ve been considering marketing automation for your business, you may have heard that the process can improve lead generation. However, this will only work if you have a solid lead flow process in place. By better understanding how marketing automation helps to gain leads and how to put the best process into place, you’ll reap all the benefits of these innovative software programs.

How Marketing Automation Improves Lead Generation

Many online marketing campaigns are wasting precious resources by failing to target the right customers. By using marketing automation programs, your team will be able to create a marketing strategy that produces more – and better quality – leads, all by honing in on the best possible audiences to hear your marketing pitch. There are a few important ways that these systems can improve lead generation:

  • Marketing automation will link marketing efforts with sales, as both of these departments must work together to develop solutions that will convert potential customers into sales.
  • It gives you better control over your audience, allowing you to target ads to people based on their demographics or shopping histories.
  • Automated marketing can improve social conversions, as you can automate social media posts. This way, you’ll boost your social media presence all without adding to your workload.
  • It allows you to use mobile technology. Since most web searches are conducted via mobile devices, you’ll need to have a marketing strategy that is dedicated to reaching mobile traffic.
  • Helps you to better understand your customers. You’ll be able to skip past demographic data in order to get better insight about your customer base.

Overall, marketing automation software programs are effective tools to improve lead generation, allowing you to strengthen your business marketing ROI.

Tips to Create a Lead Flow Process

Now that you know how marketing automation can benefit your lead flow, it is important that you create an effective lead flow process to take advantage of this influx of potential customers. The following tips can help you to create one:

  • Get information from your sales team. It is important to know what your sales team considers to be a qualified lead, so you’ll need to have some important conversations. Ask your team what prospective activities indicate a lead is ready for sales.
  • Develop a lead qualification process. Next, you’ll need to create a process for lead scoring and grading to identify the best leads for follow up. Your lead grading model will be based off of your potential buyer, and grading will allow you to pinpoint leads that best fit with that description.
  • Determine how leads will be distributed and followed-up on. You’ll need to decide how the best leads are forwarded to the appropriate sales person for the fastest possible follow-up, and your grading system can help you decide with leads are priorities.
  • Remember that communication is essential. It is important that the lines of communication between marketing and sales are always open so that your lead flow process can be tweaked as needed.


The lead flow process is an important part of your sales strategy, and marketing automation can make it more efficient. By investing in the right marketing automation software, you can save marketing dollars while boosting sales.

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