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Top Shipping Trends for eCommerce Businesses

When it comes to a positive customer experience, shipping is the last frontier. Adopting new shipping strategies can get orders out to your customers faster while saving money and boosting satisfaction. To stay ahead of the curve, keep an eye on some of these top shipping trends for WordPress eCommerce businesses.

Free Shipping is Becoming the Norm

When it comes to retail policies and promotions, many customers put free shipping at the top of their priority list. Most customers are okay with their packages taking a little longer to arrive as long as they don’t have to pay for the cost of shipping. For businesses that want to remain competitive within their market, implementing free shipping in some manner should be a major goal.

There are a few ways that you can incorporate free shipping into your business model:

  • Increase product prices in order to cover the cost of your shipping
  • Slightly increase the cost of products or services to contribute to a portion of your customers’ shipping costs
  • Offer free shipping when customers hit a minimum order value, such as $50 worth of merchandise

You can also save money in other areas, such as using WordPress eCommerce instead of more expensive CMS options. This added cost savings can allow you to give back to your customers by paying toward shipping costs.

Business Data is Improving the Shipping Process

Thanks to technological improvements, including the use of WordPress eCommerce and other programs, it is easier than ever to use business data to help your customers. With the right tools, you can automatically analyze information like mobile device usage, pricing histories, locations, shipping destinations, and the time that parcels take to arrive at their intended destination. This can eliminate inefficiencies, which will improve your eCommerce business practices and reduce overall business costs.

More Options at Checkout

In the past, eCommerce stores have given customers limited shipping options at checkout. These usually include standard, expedited, and one-day shipping. However, most shoppers are looking for added control and flexibility when it comes to deciding how their order is received. To ensure that shopping carts aren’t abandoned on your website, you’ll need to give your customers the choices that they want.

One important new consideration is the option for international delivery. Thanks to the rising popularity of global eCommerce sites like eBay and Amazon, more international customers are making purchases from across the border. Make sure that your checkout process offers the option of shipping to addresses outside of your country to take advantage of this growing customer base.

On-Demand Delivery Options

When your customers are waiting for their shipments, there is nothing more frustrating than finding a “sorry we missed you” note instead of a package. That’s why on-demand package delivery is becoming more popular than ever. Instead of shipping an order to your customer’s door, shoppers can choose to have their package sent to a specific delivery service center. From there, the package can be delivered to them within a specific time window.

Learn More About WordPress eCommerce Shipping Trends

From WordPress eCommerce sites to faster delivery, the business decisions that you make can lead to more satisfied customers. Take advantage of these shipping trends in order to keep your customers happy and boost your future sales.

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