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Incorporating the Power of Influencers into Your Online Marketing Strategy

Influencers are arguably the most powerful weapon that you can use in your online marketing strategy. It’s not easy to identify the right influencers, but once you do, you’ll need to find a way to successfully incorporate their reach into your marketing efforts. By following a few helpful strategies, you can effectively harness the power of your influencers.

Understand Your Influencers

In order to get the most out of any influencer-business relationship, it is important that you understand your influencers, their audience, and what interests them. If your product or service isn’t relevant to a potential influencer, using them as part of your online marketing strategy isn’t likely to get any positive results.

To better understand a potential influencer, do some research via his or her social profile. This can give you more information about the influencer’s sharing habits and interests. If you feel that an influencer is relevant to your brand, mission, or target audience, choose some of the topics that he or she has been sharing, create content around them, and send a quick message to tell them about it.

Mention Them on Social Media

When you create helpful content that is relevant to your influencer’s audience, go ahead and mention them on social media. Use their Twitter handle when creating your social post, as this will grab their attention and may lead to a retweet. This retweet can then spread your message to a larger audience that you may not have reached without the support of your influencer.

Request Blog Contributions

By now you should understand the importance of a blog with high-quality content when it comes to generating traffic to your website. You can amplify this online marketing strategy by asking your influencers to contribute to your blog with guest posts. This type of content will build your blog’s credibility, but it also provides excellent content that your audience will love. Even better – your influencers will likely share the post with their followers, which will give you the opportunity to reach an entirely untapped audience.

Drip Feed Influencer Wisdom

Dropping in smart quotes from your influencers – especially when they are some of the top voices in your field – is a great way to bolster your message in blog content and social media posts. This is sometimes referred to as the “Drip Technique”, as you’ll “drip” in features throughout a piece of content, grabbing excerpts and quotes from personalities within your ideal audience and placing them where they are appropriate.

Host an AMA Session

AMA – or Ask Me Anything – sessions are an excellent way to expand your brand awareness and your audience. All you’ll need is to get an influencer to commit 30 minutes of their time to hang out on Twitter and answer questions. However, you’ll need to put together a solid marketing plan to let people know about the event in order to make it a success.

How is Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Influencers are a great way to help your online marketing efforts take off. By investing the time to create good relationships with the right people and incorporating them into your strategy, the fruits of your labor will pay off quickly.

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