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The Importance of Enhancing User Experience in an E-Commerce website

You need to ensure your users have an optimal experience that makes shopping to boost and convert traffic in your eCommerce site. One of the ways to optimize your eCommerce site is to invest in a WooCommerce Expert with your eCommerce website design.

There are many user experience mistakes that e-commerce sites make that drives customers away. If you avoid these mistakes, your clients will have a better experience purchasing products on your site.

With over 1.79 billion online buyers as of 2018, you cannot afford to make these mistakes:

1. Mobile Design

Mobile friendliness is becoming more critical of SEO. Nowadays, Google has an algorithm that negatively affects search engine rankings in mobile search results for websites that are not mobile-friendly.

A good SEO strategy will drive traffic to your site. However, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then it will not be favoured when it comes to search results. It will be pushed down, thereby generating less traffic.

2. Simple Navigation

Navigation is the central aspect of user experience. If you mess in this section of your website, then you will drive potential buyers away. Moving users through category, product and checkout pages requires a clear click path.

The rule of the game is to help your clients get what they want without struggling and not to show off your design skills. Some of the common mistakes include too many top-level items, pushing promotional products on the mega menus among many others.

Navigations should be simple!

3. Search Capabilities

Ensure that you have a functional search bar where your clients can easily find a product they are looking for. Whenever most clients fail to get what they are looking for on the menu options provided, they will head straight to the site search bar. Moreover, you should include necessary filters that will produce relevant results even for misspelt searches.

4. Filtering Options

Filters are a great tool to narrow down high volume content to surface the most relevant searches. Customers look for many products on your website, and they may not find it on the menu options provided.

At this instance, the only thing they can do is go to your site’s search bar to see if they can find the product. Your filters should be able to provide relevant results even if your clients type fuzzy and misspelt words for your e-commerce products.

5. eCommerce Checkout experience

A lengthy checkout process is one of the most frustrating and irritating things to clients. Not only do they wish to check out fast, but they also do not want to be forced into creating a compulsory account on your e-commerce website. Create a website that allows users to check-out quickly and as guests, so they are not obligated to create a buyer account.

6. Too many features

It is nice to have features on your e-commerce site that keeps your customers engaged. However, if these features are too many, they may lead to constant crashes. Nobody would like to reload a website and repeat the buying process all over again.

You need to keep a balance between user interface constraints and functionality.

7. Mishandling out-of-stock items

Nobody likes being lied to: Why should a customer waste their time looking for a product and place an order it, only to end up being told that the product is out of stock.

If a product is out-of-stock, then please inform the clients up-front that what they are looking for is not available. This instils confidence in your customers.

Creating an e-commerce site with an excellent UX design should not be hard. You should ensure that your customers never struggles to find their searches. You also avoid creating  distractions to visitors from doing what they intended – BUYING!


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