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Embracing mobile e-commerce: 6 ways to optimize

The mobile e-Commerce landscape is up and poised for further growth with online consumers accounting for 54 percent of total e-commerce sales by 2021. Recent surveys suggest that revenue from mobile e-commerce will blow to an enormous proportion of USD 175.4 billion by 2022. Businesses all across the world are seeking solutions to help them adapt to a mobile-obsessed world. With the heterogeneity and complexity of the mobile market, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to incorporate an effective mobile e-commerce strategy that adapts rapidly to meet the demands of online consumers.

Making your mobile e-commerce optimized is not enough. There is a need to make the e-commerce experience an extra-affair by building out a mobile e-commerce plan that has the best chance of succeeding organically. Here are six ways your company can optimize your mobile e-commerce platform.

Optimized omnichannel experience

The modern shopper uses multiple channels when shopping. Customers want a seamless and easy interaction with brands irrespective of the channel they use. It’s all about the interface and content regardless of whether they are purchasing via a physical store, desktop, or mobile device. A company’s ability to optimize the customer experience across all channels i.e. multiple points of access will create an all-round experience for the user, which will drive its e-commerce success.

Connect social marketing with social selling

The present generation is more socially engaged and more likely to research products on social media, rather than on search engines. Businesses are opting for ways to advertise to their customers and encourage purchases while on different social media apps by linking social media posts to mobile-optimized landing pages.

Easier and fast checkout options

Having a mobile-friendly design can be enough to keep your websites at the top search, but what happens if visitors don’t stay around to convert? A significant component of an effective mobile e-commerce experience is a fast and secure checkout. Make it easy for users to find what they are looking for through your search and menu options and streamline your mobile checkout experience allowing your customers to move from the shopping experience to the end of the checkout as efficiently as possible.

Chatbots can prevent cart abandonment

It’s crucial to re-engage shoppers, and the best way to do that is through chatbots. When shoppers add items to their cart but fail to go through to check out, an e-commerce chatbot can step in to help customers finalize their purchases.

Personalization is key

With the rise in mobile innovation, customers now not only demand convenience but they expect all experiences to be aligned with their interests. Personalizing notifications going straight to customers’ smart devices creates an intimacy between the customer and the brand. Businesses can create a personalized user experience by using geo-location to push notifications about relevant products, popular products, new coupons, and deals specific to the shopper’s location.

Tune-up for fast mobile page speeds

Improving loading time for mobile sites helps in acquiring, retaining and attracting customers. A lengthy and slow load time on a mobile device is just as frustrating and inconveniencing as waiting in line at a physical store. If a user finds that it’s taking too long to load, they will likely leave your site for a competitor’s.

As marketers and innovators flock to where customers spend the most time – mobile, it’s necessary to keep up with these mobile commerce trends in order to ensure you stay relevant in e-commerce retail.


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