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Popular eCommerce Payment Solutions to Implement in the New Year

The beginning of the year is always a tough time for eCommerce businesses. Customers are going through a major transformation and want everything they come across to be fresh and new. Thankfully, these trends are short-lived, but if you do not acknowledge that they exist and cater to them to some degree, your business will suffer. One of the easiest ways to make some type of change is by expanding on your payment options.


PayPal is the undisputed king of online payment processing for eCommerce websites. They’ve set the bar and are still considered to be one of the best in terms of accept secure payments online from customers.


Due is popular thanks to its invoicing and time-tracking features. Due also accepts online payments and only charges 2.7% of the completed transition in terms of fees.


Stripe prides itself on having no monthly fees, setup fees or hidden costs. It has a flexible interface that allows it to be integrated into hundreds of different ways and can be used for recurring subscription based transitions or single, point of sale transitions.

Apple Pay

The iPhone is one of the best selling mobile phones in the world. As such, Apple Pay is being utilized by iPhone customers on a regular basis, where available. With a simple touch of a button, they can pay for a transition easily and securely.


Payoneer is similar to PayPal and is accepted in more than 200 countries around the world. It is great for freelancers, small businesses and eCommerce websites since it doesn’t charge you for receiving money, like most other online payment processors.


2Checkout is an online payment processor an advanced fraud protection service, and integrates into hundreds of different shopping cart models. Since it is also a global service provider, it comes available in more than 80 different languages and is easily customizable.

Amazon Payments

If we’ve learned anything over the years, it is that Amazon has its hand in more cookie jars, than virtually any other business in the world. As such, you can integrate Amazon Payments into your eCommerce website, allow customers to have the peace of mind that comes from processing their transition through a secure server backed by Amazon.


Square’s mobile magstripe reader changed the way small businesses accept payments. While most people think that square can only be used through a mobile device, as is not valid for freelancers or eCommerce businesses, the ability to send electronic invoices has made it to where Square is better able to compete with today’s make payment processors.

Need Some Guidance With Your eCommerce Website?

While it may seem difficult to keep up with the trends that most consumers expect, you can help satisfy some of those needs. By adding additional payment solutions, or changing to a single payment solution provider, you can give customers that “taste of change” they are looking for. If you do your homework, and take the time to research the different payment solutions available to you, you could also help increase your bottom line.

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