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How to Get In-Store Shoppers to Your eCommerce Website After the Holiday Rush

Studies show that most customers still like going to an actual store to make a purchase. This is because they like having comparable options actually in their hand, and if they want to “have it right now” they can. They don’t have to wait for the item to be sorted, packaged, and shipped. Since so many consumers are hooked on the need for instant gratification, how are eCommerce stores supposed to break the hold that traditional storefront retailers have over the public?

Offer Better eCommerce Shipping Practices

One of the top reasons a customer will purchase an item online is the allure of free-shipping. The idea of getting something for free has always triggered an impulse urge in customers and has even been shown to make them more accepting of the wait time that comes along with purchasing an item online.

Improve Your Logistics

The best example of a streamlined logistics practice comes from Amazon. They have a special feature for VIP customers, or “Prime Members” that provides them with free 2-day shipping on any item designated as a “Prime” item. The fact that Amazon can take the order, process it, ship it and get it to a customer that fast, is a changing the way people shop. It has opened the door for eCommerce businesses, but also sets a high bar. By addressing your shipping, warehouse, inventory and order processing practices, you can make your business more efficient, lowering your costs and increasing customer experience ratings.

Understand That Your Real Competition is the Brick and Mortar Store

Whenever conversations about competition come up, most eCommerce businesses instantly think of other eCommerce websites. Unfortunately, the traditional storefront is the prime competition for the eCommerce business. In order to pull people away from the store and onto your website, you need to be able to separate yourself from the store and make yourself better.

Most eCommerce business owners say they cannot compete with the prices provided by big businesses because they do not get the same bulk discounts that these businesses get. While this is true, the eCommerce business has virtually no-overhead costs when compared to a large business. This creates a more even playing field. This means you are typically able to match or beat many prices being provided by retail stores. By offering discount codes, free shipping or “free-gifts with an xyz sized order” you can effectively pull your customers away from the storefronts and into your digital showroom.


The eCommerce market, while expanding, is never going to get rid of the traditional store. As more stores begin creating apps and offering free-shipping to their stores, it is going to become more difficult for eCommerce websites to stay competitive. By providing positive customer experiences, improving on your overall logistics, and focusing making the shopping experience easy, through use of mobile apps and social media stores, you can pull customers away from major retailers and onto your website.

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