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5 Ways Social Media Can Boost eCommerce Sales in 2017

Over the years, social media has made a major impact on the daily lives of everyone around the world. It has helped people connect with each other, share important moments in their lives and allowed customers to develop more intimate relationships with businesses and service providers.

That is why it is so important for owners of eCommerce websites to utilize social media to help boost their digital footprint and increase sales. Here is a list of 5 simple ways that social media can help your eCommerce business.

Social Media Helps Turn Window Shoppers Into Buyers

When a customer is debating the purchase of a new product or service, they jump on the Internet to get as much information as they can about it. Roughly 90 to 95% of people who are considering making any type of purchase use social media sites and platforms to help them decide whether or not to do so. They look for reviews, additional information on the product itself, how people are using the products or services as well as firsthand experience from people who own the product or use the service currently.

Social Media Helps Build Trust Between Your Brand And Your Customers

Currently, about 90% of consumers trust the opinions and reviews provided to them online by their peers. If you are actively engaging your customers on social media, you are able to build a friendly relationship and tackle any concerns they have before they become problems for your reputation. It also shows potential customers that you are willing to do whatever it takes, to ensure they are highly satisfied with you, your company, your products and or your services.

Social Media Gives You Greater Insight Into the Mind of Your eCommerce Customers

When you use website’s analytics properly, you can determine where your customers are coming from, why they are coming to your site and what types of posts or comments are creating the most customer engagement. This means you can see what types of things they care about the most and can tailor your content to reach out to greater numbers of people. The more people are engaged by your content, the more “reliable” you become to them.

Establish Connections With Influencers

Influencers are social media gurus who have a large following. Take for example Niomi Smart, the fashion blogger. She has well over a million Instagram followers. Having someone like her talking about your products or services, and sharing that content with her followers is a sure-fire way to generate a huge boost in your traffic and sales. The key to finding influencers lies in being active within your social media network and joining as many groups as you can, that relate to your eCommerce website.

Social Media Makes You “Shareable”

By adding options to share all of your content, products or services via social media platforms, you are making it easier for people to share you, with their friends and circles. People live on their mobile devices these days, so it isn’t realistic to copy and paste a huge link into a test or a character limited message. The ability to share social media information with a single click has made it easier for businesses to get their name out in front of potential customers much faster and easier.

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