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6 Ways You Can Use Instagram to Increase eCommerce Sales

Instagram is an extremely effective visual based marketing tool that can be utilized by any eCommerce business, when used the right way. Instagram has proven to be about 20 to 25% more effective than all other types of social media outlets. So, how can your eCommerce business tap into the wealth that is Instagram properly?

It’s All About the Hashtags

Instagram and its users utilize a different type of hashtags than other social media outlets. By researching the best hashtags to use with your images, you can effectively reach far more consumers that using standard hashtags alone. If you have a hard time finding out which hashtags to use, you can use something like populargram and or webstagram to locate the most popular, currently used hashtags.

Post When People Are Active

If you can lock down when customers are reviewing your activity on Instagram, you can get a clear picture of the best times to post. By posting when people are the most active, you increase the odds of your message being viewed. This increases the likelihood if it be shared within their circles and other social media platforms, increasing exposure.

Poaching – All’s Fair In Love and War

While some might call it “dirty pool”, following the account of your competition will give you access to their followers. You can like images, make comments, and interact with them freely, which typically results in about a third of them responding in kind. Unfortunately, this means your competition might eventually do the same to you. Either way, it is a great way to use Instagram to drum up some quick traffic increases and generate sales.

Instagram Can Forecast Trends

If you pay close attention to the commonly used hashtags by people on Instagram, you can see what the current trends are and where they are going. You can use this information to add or remove products from your eCommerce website, based on the desires of your audience. This is a great way to stay ahead of the competition and keep yourself at the forefront of your niche. It also can get your eCommerce website viewed as a “trend setter” by the community, effectively increasing your overall success.

Fishing for Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Site

Most people who use Instagram just post an image and are done with it. They think that is all there is to it. However, proper marketing through Instagram is more of a science and a lot of research. Look over the accounts of the people that follow you. Discover what their interests are and their purchasing habits. This is easy to do since most people will post a picture of just about everything they purchase these days. You can use this information to get a better idea of your demographic, their interests and what it is they are actually want or need.

Review Major Competitor Products

A great way to use Instagram to target your audience is to find a couple of the biggest names in your particular niche and start to review their products. You can post a real review about the product, but then compare it to one of yours. Point out the differences and the benefits if your product over theirs. This is extremely effective, especially if your products are cheaper than your competition.


If they’re not cheaper than your competitor, you can follow it up with a special offer or coupon to bring the price down a bit for a short time, to build your audience even more.

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