6 Ways to Successfully Promote Your eCommerce Product

Are you new to the world of eCommerce or are you looking for ways to increase traffic and sales to your store? Regardless of if you have been in business for some time or are looking to make your first…

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Are you new to the world of eCommerce or are you looking for ways to increase traffic and sales to your store? Regardless of if you have been in business for some time or are looking to make your first sale, learning additional ways to successfully promote your product is always helpful.

1. Gift Guides

When attempting to locate good gift ideas, the majority of people Google “birthday gift ideas for toddler boy” or “holiday gift idea for grandmothers”. Then search results pop up where they are able to look through the many gift guides.

Gift guides are available for almost every type of person, holiday, and industry you can imagine. Reach out to the lists that appear in the first couple of pages and inquire if your product can be included in their gift guide. Be sure to highlight a reason why your product should be included in their guide.

2. Pinterest

According to 93% of pinners, when it comes to planning purchases, they utilize Pinterest. Also, Pinterest is used to create wish lists as well. If your product photographs well, this is a wonderful platform to use to successfully promote your product.

Furthermore, pins remain for an extended period of time; meaning, it is likely your product pin will be viewed for several months following their post. To maximize your pins exposure, post when the majority of users are online, utilize images that are appealing, and use the correct keywords. Also, extend your reach by running contests; to have additional product information enable Rich Pins.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Predictable and compounding traffic to websites is offered by using search. While this option can take a little work, it is an effective strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves many steps, including implementing a keyword strategy, structure of eCommerce website, and building backlinks to the eCommerce site, etc.

4. Blog Posts

Blogging not only drives traffic to your store, the lifestyle around your product is promoted. In one study conducted by Hubspot, they found that traffic to a website is increased by how many blogs that are currently posted. The more blogs you post per month, the more traffic your store receives.

Effective blogging attracts potential customers, drives search engine traffic, and attracts the attention of high-profile bloggers and the media.

5. YouTube

Search engines, such as Google, also ranks YouTube videos and is increasingly becoming one of the major search engines in the world for locating fresh content.

Not only viral videos promote products, helpful or interesting videos can be used as well. Control the narrative by creating a branded channel and use your own videos.

6. Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook has billions of people, offering paid ads that are extremely targeted. By using Facebook Custom Audiences, it is easy to advertise to your email subscribers and website visitors. The fact that you are more knowledgeable about who you are targeting, you can easily tailor your advertisement making them incredibly effective.

Need Some Guidance to Promote Your eCommerce Products?

Utilizing one or more of these ways to successfully promote your product, can drive more traffic to your store, resulting in an increase in revenue.

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