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Top Marketing Changes to Expect This Year

As with any year, changes occur each and every time a new month comes and goes. This coming year is going to do the same for those out there that own businesses and want to market smarter or better overall.

Tweaking is what we have done in the past to meet the demands that come with marketing digitally. However, nothing huge was done in the efforts that we put our companies through, so obviously, something had to change at some point.

It is easy to think that with all of the changes in the market, including the removal of net neutrality, a lot of the digital marketing that we once knew and used is going to change. This is true. Make sure to make a marketing plan that works for you and incorporates some of the best working marketing efforts out there.

Here are many of the digital marketing changes you can expect to see in the upcoming year.

Live Video is a Must for Marketing

As times change, the use of video has become one of the staples of so many people out there. Due to this, many people are now adding live video to their blogs, websites and other areas to attract more attention to what it is that they do. This not only has proven to be successful, but it is also a great marketing tactic that gets your point across.

Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over

Step by step, you can see that the market is being taken over by artificial intelligence. A lot of people think it is too early to start talking about the AI in the world today but it is true. Once before when you had to do everything yourself, every meaningless task, you no longer have to do. These little robots are able to automate everything and have it done in less time than before. Work smarter, not harder, right?

Privacy is Changing

With the access that we currently have being open and allowing the ads that we send out touch the right people, this might make the way we advertise a bit different when this is no longer able to be done. With privacy rules and laws changing, it can make it a bit harder to reach the necessary target audiences out there. With this being said, new and improved ways to target audiences are being thought up.


With so many marketing challenges and changes being made in the industry, many of the marketing professionals out there are changing the way that they are able to reach a wider audience when the time comes.

Staying up to date on the changes being made is always a good thing. Once you do this, you can help your company reach even more people in a shorter amount of time. This is the goal, even with the obstacles that might be put in your way in the first place. Doing your marketing research and considering your target market is the best way to go.

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