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3 Popular WordPress Plugins to Monitor Your Website Ranking

Website ranking platforms are extremely important for building traffic, staying up-to-date on your search engine rankings, and understanding the behavior of your visitors. Luckily, there are a variety of WordPress plugins that can help you to easily monitor your website ranking, allowing you to take action if your rankings are lower than you would like. Consider using one of these plugins as part of your enterprise marketing solution.


RankScanner is a helpful WordPress plugin that automatically crawls your Google rankings before reporting back on changes and updates in your search engine position. This information can let you know if your blog or website has dropped in ranking or improved each week. Depending on the plan that you select, your position could be checked as frequently as each day.

Wincher Rank Tracker

Wincher is a rank tracker for all of your website’s keywords. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your keyword performance on both your desktop and mobile web, and you can even set up a campaign to monitor your competitors. There are a variety of features associated with Wincher, including:

  • Daily updates. Each day, your search engine position will be updated, as will your competitor positions.
  • Export data. With Wincher, you’ll be able to export your data via PDF or CSV files. You can also get customized PDF reports sent to you by email on either a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Keyword grouping. You’ll be able to group your keywords into various categories of your choosing in order to get a better idea of your ranking progress.
  • Simple sharing. If you are getting high search result rankings, you’ll be able to easily share the news via social media.
  • Ranking alerts. If you don’t want to worry about logging in each day to see your ranking updates, you’ll love Wincher, as you’ll be alerted to the most important changes that have taken place.

With Wincher, you’ll be able to thoroughly monitor your rankings performance history in order to see what actions have made the biggest impact on your rankings in the past in order to strategize for the future.

Alexa Widget

When it comes to hosting a website, Alexa is a name that is well-known. This plugin can improve rankings in a variety of ways, especially by analyzing all of the world’s websites in order to rank them based on their online performance. There are a variety of benefits to Alexa:

  • Alexa rankings improve your website’s exposure, informing potential ad partners about your website’s value
  • A website with an increased Alexa ranking could get marketing and advertising support in order to facilitate more web traffic
  • Alexa rankings provide webmasters with information about their website’s viability
    Most of the data reported by Alexa is an estimate unless you’re using the premium features on your website. However, this data is usually quite accurate and can provide you with a good idea how far behind or ahead you are from your nearest competitors.

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Don’t simply guess how your website or blog is performing. Using Wordpress plugins can serve as a great tool for monitoring your website ranking so that you can make changes to increase your visibility.

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