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Maintaining eCommerce Sales High Even After the Holidays

One of the biggest concerns for any eCommerce website, is figuring out ways to keep their sales momentum going, after the holidays. Right around mid-January, sales start to drop off and people begin the process of returning unwanted or damaged gifts. This mid-January sales forecast is enough to cripple many eCommerce websites for a good portion of the year. So how can you maintain that holiday high during the first quarter of the new year?

Kick Things Off With A New Sale

People flocked to eCommerce websites, not just because it was the holiday season, but because they cannot avoid a great deal. The word clearance is enough to make even the grumpiest of former holiday shoppers stop and take notice. It is also a great time to clear out last year’s inventory and make room for any new products you want to start marketing.

Market to the Impulse Buyer

For some reason the moment the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, the clear majority of the population around the world goes into some sort of health kick. They want to make themselves better, healthier, and happier than they were the previous year. This type of sales pitch should include fitness trackers, athletic equipment, self-help books, and other similar products.

Launch A New Product or Service

The focus for most of the population is “out with the old and in with the new”. This makes it the first time to launch a new product or service. Even if you aren’t ready to release it now, you can start by writing a press release about the new product for your eCommerce website and promoting it on your blog and social media outlets. This generation of hype will keep people engaged and coming back to your site wanting more information on the release. Just don’t string them along for too long, otherwise they will lose faith in you and move on to someone else.

Second Chance Targeting and Marketing

Maybe a customer didn’t make a purchase from your eCommerce website because they were limited on what they had to spend. Maybe they wanted to come back later on, but never had the time to. Regardless of the reasoning behind why a customer didn’t make a purchase the first time, doesn’t mean you should ignore them now. By retargeting those same customers, you are more likely to make a sale the second time around, then you were the first. Statistics show that customers are 147% more likely to make a purchase when you retarget them properly.

Get Loud and Be Proud

Most eCommerce website’s and some major businesses throttle back on their marketing efforts after the holidays. They think that customers have all the holiday, sales, and marketing information they can handle for a while. That is a major mistake. Whether they’ve had their fill or not, they are still going to listen. It goes back to the first two tips we gave you. Marketing to impulse buyers and having a major sale.

Need Some Guidance With Your eCommerce Website?

While everyone else is sitting back recovering from the holiday madness, the eCommerce website that continues to push through the barriers, is the company that will be able to continue that holiday momentum throughout the first quarter of the year, and beyond.

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