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eCommerce Essentials for 2017 – The Importance of Product Videos on Your Website

A lot of eCommerce websites avoid using videos simply due to the costs involved. The equipment alone is enough to make most website owners cringe, not to mention outsourcing the personnel who have the equipment and skills to produce a quality video.

Unfortunately, if you’re not using product videos on your website, you’re missing out on a lot of revenue. Here are a couple of reasons why every eCommerce business owner should be stocking their website with product videos.

Videos Will Appear In Search Results

Google and other major search engines will start grouping videos in search results, similar to AdWords style campaigns. This means that about 15% of all Internet search results will show videos. This increases your overall exposure chance and will increase traffic to your site, without addiction SEO work.

Videos Turn Watchers Into Buyers

Approximately 75% of consumers who watch a product video end up making a purchase. This is because they are able to see the product being used, and can visualize using the product themselves. This builds excitement in the product and can even highlight any versatility your products offer, increasing the perceived value of the product.

Many major retailers rely on a showroom and a website to drive business. They think that if they use a standard image and attractive price, it will lure customers into the showroom to experience the product themselves. Unfortunately, if a customer leaves the website to travel to the showroom, they have time to debate the purchase and in most cases, the showroom costs the company the sale.

Videos Provide Consumers With More Information

Roughly 70% of consumers genuinely feel that a good product video helps explain the product better than a written description or having a sales person explain the features and benefits to them. The more comfortable a customer is with your product, the more likely they are to make a purchase. This doesn’t mean each product video has to be extensive, you can tough on several key factors through the video, while sharing the rest of the information in a written format, as a standard product description.

Videos Build Trust on Your eCommerce Website

Consumers know that it costs money to make product videos and any company that takes the time to do so, is showing customers that they believe in their product. This leaves your eCommerce customers feeling more comfortable with their purchase. They are happy with the choice they made and are going to share their experience with people they know. This all translates into trust.

With every positive experience you can provide consumers, the more trust your brand will build, and the more word of mouth advertising you will get from them. Videos are already starting to be an extremely important tool for many successful eCommerce websites.


Eventually, all eCommerce websites are going to need to use product videos to remain relevant. Rather than playing catch up in a couple of months or even a year, you’re better off starting earlier and become one of the leaders of the pack.

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