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How Important Is Brand Identity For Your Business?

Many marketers talk about the importance of strong branding, especially in this connected age of mobile and Internet. But what exactly does it mean to have a brand identity for your business? And how exactly do you achieve it successfully? There are numerous ways, mostly through successful digital marketing, to boost up your brand and to have a clear identity that your customers will distinctly know.

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As a business, you have several options to reach out to customers but also to create a certain brand image that clearly identifies with your purpose and mission statement.

There are numerous examples around you, both with large corporations and small businesses online. You will more than likely notice that all these businesses have certain wording they use in their content and use particular colors on their website, emails, and social media. Businesses are always looking to cater to their target audience and a strong identity helps with that.

brand identity, digital marketingThe Importance of Proper Brand Identity

So, what about your business and branding identity? How can it be like the top companies when it comes to branding? There are a few pointers to keep in mind, especially when it comes to your digital marketing.

  • Every social media account, website, and blog under your business name needs to have consistency in both content and the “look” it has. Some of the biggest names in proper brand identity, Starbucks and GE, have prominent logos and color schemes for their online presence, so you need to do be able to do the same.
  • Wording is key, too. How you present yourself through words online is crucial. Certain keywords and statements are going to stick with customers, such as HubSpot’s consistent “all-in-one” and easy to use software.
  • The type of content you produce should have a reason, instead of simply publishing content for the sake of marketing and branding. Starbucks has images and GE has video content, what kinds of things can your business create?

This is important because a brand identity is everything online. Branding helps build a loyal customer base, bring in consistent sales, and overall better exposure in an already saturated digital marketing landscape. You need to be able to identify yourself in the noise and a strong identity helps with that.

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