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Using Social Media Marketing to Engage and Generate Leads

As business owners and marketers, you’re constantly looking to generate leads and to connect with your customers, and social media marketing can help you to do just that. Unfortunately, simply setting up a profile on Twitter or Facebook isn’t enough to cause leads to start rolling in. You’ll need to create engaging posts that will get you noticed by your fans.



social media balanceBalance Different Types of Social Media Marketing Posts

If each piece of content that you post to Facebook or Twitter has the same appearance and tone, then your fans will start passing over your posts in favor of content that is more interesting and different. To make your page more engaging, it is important that you are sharing content in several different forms. There are several types of content that you can experiment with on your social media pages, including infographics, personal stories, and how-to guides. You should also experiment with videos, links, photos, and questions, and social media marketing specialists can help you to track the engagement to see what type of content is performing best.



Offer Contestssocial media contests

Contests are a simple way to engage potential customers and gather insightful information for your sales team. However, you should be sure to make the incentive something that is related to your actual service or product. Consider featuring a social media marketing contest that offers an upgrade of your service or an extended free trial of a new product. The people that enter this contest will likely be genuinely interested in your business, and gathering their information is a good way to obtain a qualified lead.



make it visualUse Images Wisely

A recent study completed by Taggs indicates that retail brands need a visual content strategy that takes their audience, objectives, and unique brand identity into account when using social media. Users prefer to see images of retail products without people, as they can more easily visualize owning or wearing the advertised item. Be sure to experiment with images that showcase your service of product in order to increase social media marketing engagement.



Use Social Media for Advertisingsocial media content strategy

Advertising via social media can be useful in finding quality leads. On Facebook, you can take advantage of the Promoted Posts feature in order to market your most valuable posts. This can drive more targeted traffic to your website, which will lead to an increase in conversions. Our social media marketing specialists can also help you to target your ads to your audience and promote special offers in order to increase your conversion rate.




sharable contentShare Entertaining Content

Content that entertains tends to be highly shareable, and these funny posts are a great way to make your business seem more approachable. Your fans will begin to think of your organization as more of a group of a people just like them rather than a company, and this can help to build trust and separate your true fans from random visitors. While entertaining content might not be directly related to your services or product, social media marketing will do its job in appealing to your audience.



Engagement and lead generation are important parts of any social media marketing strategy, but many companies neglect this major business opportunity. By creating engaging content, listening to your customers, and taking a proactive approach to managing your social media profiles, you can generate leads and business.

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