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Tips for Creating a Profitable Social Media eCommerce Strategy

If you own an eCommerce website, you should already know how important social media is to your survival. Not all businesses are on social media yet, but it’s never too late to get started. You can still map out a profitable social media strategy and quickly get your business back on point. Here are a couple of helpful tips to help any eCommerce business get a handle on the social media rodeo.

Know Your Audience And How to Reach Them

Before you start to engage with people on social media, you should get to know your target audience. Take a lot of the products your eCommerce store typically sells. Ask yourself which type of people would be looking to purchase those items? Based on the cost of your items, what is the projected income range of your audience? What about a person’s gender and age, are those specific to your products?  These are things that need to be considered before you even start trying to connect with your audience. Portraying the wrong message on social media, could potentially damage your brand’s image.

Post Content Tailored Specifically to Your Brand

While many people will tell you to try and find a social media influencer to pitch your products on social media for you, it’s best to do your homework and figure out if it’s truly worth it. Only about 30% of the top posts on Instagram are presented to the masses by an influencer. However, sometimes an influencer may have access to a wider audience range that can help boost your brand awareness.

If you decide to do it yourself, you can do just as good as an influencer, if not better, by simply knowing what to post, when, and how. Focus on a single product and the message you’re trying to convey. Shoot a video in the backyard or in your home and watch as your brand identity skyrockets. Your audience loves the idea of being behind the scenes and seeing that there are real people working behind your brand. It helps them see the human side of you and your business, and they will respond to that.

Engage Your Audience

It’s no secret that most successful eCommerce businesses thrive on social media engagement. No matter how much time you spend creating a solid marketing strategy, if your content is not engaging your followers, it becomes useless. Initiate conversations, create content that encourages interaction like comments, reactions or shares. Also, engage your followers on a consistent basis. Checking your social media insights once or twice a week is simply not going to cut it. The business that takes social media engagement to the next level is communicating with followers on several platforms, multiple times a day.

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