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The Future of Social Media Platforms and Ways in Which Businesses Can Utilize Them

Users of Facebook are turning away from the social media giant in large numbers, thanks in part to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and media backlash about social media’s negative impact on our lives. Not only are social media users concerned about how their data is misused, but they have also grown tired of watching highlight reels from other people’s lives. According to Pew Research, more than 42 percent of users in the United States have gone weeks on end not checking their Facebook account.

In fact, studies have found “Facebook depression” can be generated from the excessive use of social media. Furthermore, cyberbullying is a growing concern among teens. Social media has endless posts about people’s love life, babies, images of the food everyone is eating, as well as the dull daily activities they perform each day. All this and more, documented for the whole world to view.

While social media is not going to go away, a new generation is beginning to show. Social media that offers a more personal and genuine feel.

The Future of Social Media is Niche

According to We Are Social and Hootsuite, 42 percent of the world’s population has one or more social media account. However, the focus of the “new social” no longer targets everyone. Rather, the future of social media is niche, with more social networks uniting people who share common interests, whether they are entrepreneurs, shoppers, parents, neighbors, or another group.

Traditional social networks are now less about people. They were found to have sold users data to advertisers, resulting in many current and future adverse effects. It is important to be aware of these changes and adjust your content as a way to stay on top of these trends.

Go Back to the Personal Touch

Social media platforms which provide their users with a more personal touch are more likely to gain the attention of the internet. As this type of media expands, new business opportunities for advertisers and marketers will open up.

For example, FindSisterhood, a new women-only social network allows their users to talk about personal issues from accounts that are totally anonymous. This anonymity can be rewarding to companies.

Consider Your Neighbors

Nextdoor is a social platform where users can safely exchange information with neighbors. Businesses of all industries can easily find potential customers. A geographical location is used on this app to show posts from users in the same area, making it excellent for businesses to find people nearby.

Better Performance from Smaller Communities

When it comes to social media, size matters. More than 300,000 status updates and about a half a million comments are registered every minute on Facebook. Moreover, Twitter registers 6,000 tweets every second.

Social media users are searching for smaller platforms to experience authentic interactions with families, friends, and followers. One such place is Care2. With 30 million members, users of Care2 are searching for ways to better change the world. The main topics are causes, petitions, and healthy living. This site also promotes brands that are interested in supporting causes, providing a different kind of opportunity for businesses.

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