Generating Leads With Organic Search

We’ve all read about the benefits of organic search for our business, and what we should do to get that number-one spot on Google. Things like creating quality content, optimizing everything for search engines and tracking your results… sounds familiar,…

Generating leads with organic SEO

We’ve all read about the benefits of organic search for our business, and what we should do to get that number-one spot on Google. Things like creating quality content, optimizing everything for search engines and tracking your results… sounds familiar, right?

While it may not seem convincing at first, organic search actually plays a significant role in the way our websites receive traffic. According to a study held by Groupon’s marketing team, about “60 percent of their direct traffic was actually through organic search.” So, it’s obvious that SEO has proved to be indispensable for marketing.

What Should I do?

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s always important to be discoverable by top search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing). But, what else can you do aside from traditional SEO to get noticed without having to invest in PPC advertising? Let’s find out.

Develop Authoritative Contentcontent

Most business owners realize that in order to increase your ranking on the search engines, you should constantly create relevant content that speaks directly to your target audience to drive more traffic to your website. However, instead of creating just any type of content, you should focus on developing authoritative and engaging content.

Yes, it’s still important to properly optimize your content for the web; however, content heavy in SEO is not the main priority anymore when it comes to search engines ranking your site. It’s about creating valuable content and having an answer for every question a user may have.

What defines authoritative content?

  • Sharing your knowledge and expertise.
  • Being original with the content you share (think outside the box).
  • Content that’s well-written and factually correct (no grammatical errors).
  • Quality internal and external links (no linking to spammy sites).
  • Valuable content that users can relate to (give answers, solve problems, entertain your audience).

Specialize in a Niche Marketfind a niche market

Depending on your type of business, most people think that it’s better to dominate organic search visibility in as many areas of expertise as possible. For instance, as a Fort Lauderdale web design agency, it would be great to take advantage of all the services we have to offer such as web design, mobile design, print collateral, graphic design, responsive web design, e-Commerce etc. (we can go on forever).

However, as a small business competing with larger competitors, a reasonable alternative would be to focus on a niche market where you can achieve a higher visibility on a small handful of keywords.


calendar Attend Events

Why would attending events help my organic search? Because it does! Getting your company’s name out there is where it all starts. Attending well-known events not only helps you generate more business, but also provides that useful content for SEO. By simply writing about your experience at the event, and providing engaging content such as videos, pictures or even podcasts, you can publish quality content and potentially generate some publicity.


Develop Your Marketing Funnelmarketing funnel

Part of creating quality content involves sharing it with targeted communities like social media. This not only helps reach a large audience in real-time, but also helps you build your authority, attract more attention and gain more subscribers.

Once you have a strong subscriber base, you can start implementing an email marketing strategy in order to create your marketing funnel. It all starts at the top of the funnel. You develop engaging content, bundle it up in a well-designed newsletter, send it to your subscribers and monitor your results.

After you’ve divided your most loyal subscribers into the middle of the funnel, it’s time to start building a closer relationship with them until you successfully guide them into the bottom of the funnel and convert them into qualified leads.


landing page design Lead Them to a Landing Page

The best way to get your qualified leads to convert into customers is to guide them in the right direction. An effective landing page contains a meaningful call-to-action. The idea is to expand the message of an advertisement or link, and help guide users into taking action toward your conversion goal.




Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to getting that number-one spot we’re all hoping for on search engine rankings. But, learning how to improve your organic search strategy through your content can eventually help you generate more qualified leads.

Creating authoritative content, specializing in a niche market, attending events and building our brand are all just a few ways you can jumpstart your organic search efforts.

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