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Cultura Web Design Halloween Party 2013

It’s that part of the year again where our team can demonstrate their true insights. Well, actually it is Halloween again, and at Cultura Web Design we wanted to take the opportunity to at least for one day dress as our favorite super heroes. For our friends and online followers here is our team ready to party for Halloween. Treat or trick!


Iron Cesar

Iron-Cesar, is our team leader hero. He has a high level of Wordpress intellect, strong project management skills, and his power suit armor provides him a regenerative re-coding support for HTML5 and CSS3. Sadly, he’s not as rich as the real Tony Stark.



Super Eduardo

Super-Eduardo, the superhero of well crafted pieces of code and functionality, has the ability to fly through programming code and a superhuman intelligence to build custom solutions in PHP.  With his powerful vision, he is capable of creating out of the box solutions where others fail. Be careful, as the real superman, he has a weakness for kryptonite-spaghetti code.



Wonder Claudia

Wonder-Claudia, the creative soul in Cultura Interactiva’s team, has a close background from the Amazons as the real one. She has the ability to create wonders with her super design powers, lighting speed drawing skills, and battles hand-in-hand with the most difficult UI projects.




Cleopatra Stephanie

Cleo-Stephanie, the queen of Internet Marketing, possesses the power to reign over Social Media Networks, create viral campaigns, and conquer the most difficult Search Engine rankings.

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