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Why Marketing Automation is More Than Just Email Marketing

When many business owners hear the term “marketing automation,” they automatically think about email marketing. While email marketing is certainly an important function with these types of software programs, it is just one small part of marketing automation.

Real marketing automation is a useful tool that can allow marketing departments to effectively market to multiple channels from a single desktop. There are many reasons to invest in a program for your business.

Target Customers Across Multiple Channels

While email is certainly a good way to attract potential customers, it isn’t the only way to reach out and to get your company noticed. With marketing automation, you’ll be able to connect with customers in a meaningful and personalized way across both online and offline channels. Throughout the different stages of your relationship with a customer, you can send out an email, text message, tweet, or phone call.

Mange Your Social Media Campaigns

Most marketing automation programs will allow you to manage your social media campaigns with a single dashboard. This will let you post to multiple accounts – LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – all at the same time. Plus, the process is even more powerful when you consider the fact that you can track and manage your leads within the same system.

Schedule Your Campaigns Ahead of Time

Marketing automation tools make it easier than ever for you to stay organized by scheduling your activities. With one system, you’ll be able to schedule all of your emails, social media posts, and other advertising campaigns well ahead of time. You can also schedule different posts to go to different audiences based off of CRM system data.

Predict the Needs of Your Customers

More businesses are working toward improving the customer journey, and marketing automation can do just that. Automated marketing can be a good way to ensure that your business is able to predict what your customers might want, before they even understand that themselves. For example, you can use your in-house CRM system to document the services or products that customers have purchased. This can let you see what other customers who bought the same products have also purchased.

Get a Better Idea of What’s Working – And What Isn’t

By working with the data from your CRM system, your marketing automation program will tell you which initiatives worked and which customers they worked for. This information will allow you to create some detailed and in-depth reports to provide you with greater understanding of where your marketing efforts should be focused.

Support Your Sales Team

Marketing automation software can help you create automated workflows for your team. This will provide them with recommendations and resources that can integrate your content into the sales process. You can also use these systems to create automated alerts based off of lead behavior.

Need Some Guidance on Your Marketing Automation Strategy?

Marketing automation is a comprehensive software program, which can be a major blessing for your business. By investing in the right marketing automation system, you’ll save time, money, and some major headaches by streamlining your marketing efforts.

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