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6 Important Tips to Consider for Successful Holiday Marketing Strategies

While the holiday season is supposed to be filled with good cheer, many consumers find the time stressful. It can be difficult to choose the perfect gift, and with so many marketing campaigns out there, it is hard to make a good purchasing decision.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your business stand out in a crowd. By following some important tips, your business can enjoy a more successful holiday online marketing campaign.

Remember that Timing is Everything

Holiday ads that start in August are a good way to annoy potential customers, but you still need to get your promotions out early enough that customers will be able to take advantage of them. To get the word out, consider your holiday-themed content and roll it out onto your social media profiles and website on a weekly or monthly basis. Tailor content to early birds in September, and feature good options for last-minute shoppers in December.

Get Everyone Involved

Most businesses have very little overlap between their employees and their company social networking efforts. If you get your staff involved in your holiday marketing, you’ll be able to boost your campaign efforts. Encourage your staff to share your online marketing campaigns on their own social profiles, and boost interest by featuring your employees in your commercials or promotional efforts.

Make Sure Your Campaigns Are Easy to Share

Social media is one of the best ways to get details of your holiday promotions out to potential customers, as these avenues are easy to share. A vast majority of consumers use word of mouth as the primary influencer of their buying decisions. Seeing a commercial or ad for your business won’t be as effective as receiving your campaign from a trusted friend.

Target Key Emotions

When it comes to holiday shopping, emotional decisions often trump rational purchasing decisions. Focus on the feelings that fit the holiday season, including friendship, family, and goodwill. A campaign that features these emotions will likely elicit a positive response from viewers, which could lead to increased sales.

Don’t Neglect Your Email Marketing

Do you have a list of past customers who might be ready for a return visit to your store before the holidays? It is possible that they simply haven’t thought about your business in a while, but email is a great online marketing tool to get a hold of them during the holiday season. Email marketing provides a great opportunity to leverage any holiday promotions, especially if you include some great holiday-related content.

Offer Online Deals

Many shoppers check out online deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is easy to feature deals online using fun campaigns, including games, contests, and countdowns. Make sure potential customers know what specials you intend to offer on these specific days, as well as the rest of the holiday season.

Need Help With Your Holiday Online Marketing Strategy?

Like any online marketing campaign, successful holiday messaging will come down to how well you know your customers and work to reach them. By doing your homework ahead of time, you’ll enjoy a profitable holiday marketing strategy this year.

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